Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Potty Training, here we go!

We are officially potty training James and so far it has been going well! He has seemed ready for awhile, but I kept putting it off because I didn't have the energy for it and I thought it would be too much change with the arrival of Rett. The turning point came the night before Halloween. I had put James and Rett in the bath right before bedtime. Rett was getting fussy, so I got him out of the bathtub, got him dressed and sat down to nurse him in the other room. I could hear James playing in the bathtub and he usually does well in there as long as he knows that we are close by. After a few minutes, he decided he was done and he climbed out and started wandering the house completely naked :) I was almost done nursing Rett, so I wasn't concerned about what he was doing, thinking I would get him in a minute. After some suspiciously quiet minutes alone in our laundry room, James came running up to me excitedly yelling, "I peed! I pooped!". I asked him where and he proudly showed me to the floor of our laundry room...yeah. gross. He was just so excited! The next morning we were in big boy underwear :)
The first day was great, with only one accident. Then the next morning he was crying and sobbing and telling me he didn't want to sit on the potty and that he wanted a diaper. So we took a break for the weekend and tried again on Monday. Monday morning he went on the potty over 15 times throughout the day and we only had one accident! We even took a trip to the store to pick out his reward for filling up his potty chart with stickers and he kept his underwear dry the entire trip! He was so cute picking out his reward :) I have never seen him so engrossed in the task of choosing the exact right toy that he wanted. Then when he finally made a decision and we got to the cashier, he handed her his potty chart and told her he could get a toy because he went "pee pee on the potty!" She was a good sport and made a big fuss over him being a big boy.

Tuesday morning he told me again that he wanted a diaper and this time I just told him that diapers were for naptime and bedtime and that he could have a diaper, but he would have to get back into his crib. He immediately changed his mind and was happy to put on his "underwears" :) Tuesday we went the entire day with zero accidents!! He even requested to go a few times without us prompting him, which was great.

Today has been okay. The novelty/fun of going on the potty seems to be wearing off and he definitely doesn't like us asking him if he has to go. (He usually yells "NO!" every time we ask him). He likes it when I set the timer and then when it goes off it is time to sit on the potty, but it is hard for me to remember to set the timer with everything else we have going on during the day. We went to story time at the library this morning in his big boy underwear and I could tell that he wasn't acting like himself. He wouldn't sing along with the songs and seemed uncomfortable but he didn't want to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he wanted to go home and he said yes, so I am thinking that he wanted to go home to use the potty. He held it in until we got home, so that was good. We just have to work on going to the bathroom when we go places (I ordered a cars travel seat online that goes on the regular toilets so I am hoping that will make them less scary for him). Today was also day 3 without a number 2, so we didn't know what would happen. Sure enough, he went out onto the back porch by himself in the afternoon and then came in to tell us he needed his "diaper changed". He really doesn't want to go #2 on the potty! Any suggestions on getting him there?

Overall I am really happy with how things have been going even though potty training with a 6 week old hasn't been the most pleasant of experiences :) I will be happy to have only one kid in diapers though!

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Happy said...

Dang he's cute. Such a great idea on your part to tell him he could put a diaper on but then he'd have to go back in his bed- haha, brilliant! And I love that the cashier made a big deal about him going peepee on the potty, don't you just love people like that?! But I can't believe he can talk well enough to say all of that now! Man, time is flying!!
When Teya was potty training, she was happy to go #1 but refused to go #2 for about 3 weeks. She'd always wait until bedtime when I put a diaper on her, but one day she just said she needed to go poo-poo on the potty and went from then on out! Actually, I think we had a reward system just for going poo-poo on the potty at that point, so that probably helped, or maybe she was just ready.