Thursday, November 7, 2013

Everett Newborn Photos

When Rett was about 3 weeks old, a friend from church who is a professional photographer took some newborn photos for us! I just got the CD from her and they are great! (I actually got them a week ago, her husband gave them to Anthony and I discovered in a bag a week I used the photos she sent as a preview to make up his newborn announcements, so those are in the mail already. The day she took them, she got to our house literally a few minutes after James fell out of his crib and hurt his collar bone, so it was a big surprise that my favorite picture ended up being one of James and Rett. James really wasn't in the mood for taking pictures, especially one that involved moving his shoulder and taking his shirt off but she got the shot!

 This is the build-a-bear hat James wore in his newborn pictures!

He is 7 weeks now, about a month older than when these pictures were taken and he already looks so different! He is still a really happy baby for the most part, but we have been struggling lately with him not wanting to nurse. He seems hungry and latches on really well, but then while he is eating he will all of a sudden start to cry and scream and not want to eat anymore. He did this a few weeks ago for a three or four days and we thought it was because he was constipated. It seemed to get better, but now all of a sudden he is doing it confusing. He takes a bottle just fine and seems totally content otherwise, he just doesn't like nursing at the moment. 

On the bright side, he has started napping much better during the day and for the past two weeks has consistently been waking up only around 1am and 5:30am to eat at night. I am hoping this keeps up and only gets better as he gets older. I miss my nighttime sleep!

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Happy said...

OH I love these!!! Did Janet take them, or Summer? He is such a cute baby!! And I agree, that first picture of James and Rett is amazing, love it!!

As for nursing, I would guess he's getting frustrated that the milk isn't coming fast enough b/c he's getting used to the bottle and how instantly he gets milk that way. After Nolan turned 1 and we started giving him milk in a bottle, he never wanted to nurse again, and the only time I could get him to nurse was first thing in the morning when he was STARVING and nursing was the closest and only thing in sight, so that's the only time I could nurse him. Do you think putting off his feedings for an hour or so if he refuses to nurse, so he's more hungry would help? Or just offering the breast over and over and over again and not offering the bottle for a day? Also, if the instant gratification is the problem, you could try an SNS (Supplemental Nursing System by Medela, that I've mentioned before) because that would give him the instant milk but keep him nursing. Just my thoughts. Also, I'm trying to find my friend's phone number or email address who is a lactation consultant and I'll send it to you asap! Good luck and let me know how things turn out!