Friday, July 19, 2013

Phone pictures

Our computer mysteriously died earlier this week so I am trying out blogging from my phone for the very first time. Did you know there is an iPhone app for blogger?? Who knew?? This is a good chance to get caught up with some pictures from my phone!

A few weeks ago I was organizing James' dresser in his room to make room for baby clothes and James was running around the room chasing Bitsy. He tripped next to his crib and planted his face into the corner of it, managing to get two separate gashes on his head from the same fall! This is the picture I sent Anthony that night:

Last week we got to watch our friends' little girl for a few hours and James was so excited to play with her! They watched her favorite show together since she was a little sad about her family leaving. It was so cute to see him bring her toys, he was really kind. 

It is so interesting to see James start to like being around other kids and playing with them! Up until recently he would get overwhelmed and shy and would just play around other kids, not with them. Now he gets so excited to see someone to play with! Today at the park we played by ourselves for a good while, but when too little girls came, James jumped up, yelled "kids!" and ran over to them to follow them around :)

I got this picture one night while I was cooking dinner. Almost every evening Anthony gets down on the ground and gets rowdy with James. Sometimes James rides him like a horse and other times they run around the house making motor boat sounds, pretending to be speed boats. Anthony is such a great dad, I love watching them play together!

James is still loving reading books all the time!! It is amazing how long he will sit and read with me, especially since he never sits still at other times. Even the librarian that does story time has noticed a difference in how much he listens and pays attention to the stories now. Last week after she read a story he actually said "More!!" when it was done (which is what he says to me at home when he wants to keep reading). He seems to never get tired of being read to and will say "more" after every single book for so long! Usually I have to be the one that decides reading time is over.

We go through an enormous amount of library books each week and I have started just letting James pick out the books and put them in our library bag instead of trying pick out ones I think he will like. That just takes too much time! So usually I sit there and hold the bag open while James pulls a bunch of books off the shelf indiscriminately. It has definitely made for some interesting story times! I read this one to him the other night and I couldn't stop laughing!!!
Isn't that hilarious!!! Diarrhea happens, why not talk about it right :)

James saw this ad on the back of a magazine and kept pointing to the man and saying "picture Daddy". I tried to see if he thought the girl looked like mommy, but he wouldn't say it and kept giving me this look like, "you crazy, lady!" :) I sent a text to Anthony with the picture telling him what James said and instead of being flattered like I thought he would be he was like, "what are you trying to say? You don't think I look like that?" (Teasingly of course) 

Anthony's schedule is going to change slightly starting next week and he is going to be working a few more hours during the week and have Saturday afternoons off, which will be nice. There always seems to be fun things going on on Saturdays and they will be so much more fun if we can all do them together!

I am feeling pretty good, just tired and hot and hungry and uncomfortable a lot of the time :) I will have to do a 30 week update with pictures and info tomorrow. I started making a list of things I need to get done and taken care of before my due date and it is crazy to me how quickly the end of September is coming up! 

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Happy said...

That book is too funny! Do you end up liking the books that are picked at random? It does take FOREVER to pick out books, I don't blame you for letting James grab them. Can you reserve books online at your library? I did that for a while when we lived in FL, would just look up books by topics that Teya was interested in, then reserve them, then just pick them all up at the library at the desk- super fast. Totally forgot about doing that until just now, I'll have to look into doing that again!
That picture on the magazine and James calling it Daddy was TOO funny! Had to show it to Jared, haha! Oh, and the diarrhea book was so funny! I wonder if the author laughed as she wrote it.
Love your updates!!