Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trains and Dogs

Last Saturday we went to a model train show at the fairgrounds. It was so interesting!! I knew that there were people who were into model trains as a hobby, but I didn't realize how hardcore!! They have these layouts and tracks that have such detail put into them. It was amazing!

James was mesmerized:

 After looking at the trains, we walked to the other end of the fairgrounds where they happened to be having a dog show. We totally didn't know about it until we got there, but we ended up spending more time there than with the trains! It was fun to see all the different breeds of dogs and the....enthusiastic dog owners :)

 This is kind of unrelated, but James has been taking really long naps lately (maybe he is going through a growth spurt?) so we took a picture of him one afternoon:
I also wanted to add this picture of us visiting Anthony's parents. All on his own James has started making this adorable funny face! He makes it and comes up to you to show you and then he laughs and laughs! If you ask him to make "the face" he will do it right away. Luckily we got a picture of it!
 We love that goofy kid!

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Happy said...

Man, you really always find something cool to do!! I think the dog show would have been really fun too. And I LOOOOVE that last picture of James!! His cheeser is killing me!!!