Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life with the cutest boy ever

Having James around can be so much fun! He cracks us up all the time, and makes everyday stuff so much better :) The last time Anthony went fishing and came home with fish to clean, James got really upset about it. He kept watching Anthony saw into the fish with his electric knife and crying, "Oh No!!!" over and over and over again in this pitiful voice! He would pick up the fish scales from the ground and bring them to me and say "Oh no!" and look at me, as if I could fix it and make it all better. Anthony just kept telling him that it was okay and that this is what we do with yummy fish :)

The next time we were expecting the same reaction, but he wasn't upset at all! He was actually pretty curious:
 He had to touch it:
 Anthony's dad got James to make "the face" and caught this picture of it. He reminded us that Anthony's nickname as a little boy was "the face" since he was always cheesing for the camera. Isn't amazing how children can be so similar to their parents as children?
Then at cub scouts last week I was able to get these pictures of James. He spent almost the entire hour on that stool, babbling along and teaching a pretend lesson. He must have been imitating me from watching me on Wednesday nights, since he doesn't ever see me teach during primary. It was to die for!!! I love his faces in the different pictures, his expressions totally tell the story :)

 Lately, James has started saying so many words we have lost count, sometimes as much as 6 new ones a day! A few days ago he was in the bath and started saying belly button. The way he says it is so cute!!! We try to get him to say it all day:

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Happy said...

Seriously, how cute can he get?!?! Oh my word! I can't believe that is the same baby we left in FL a year and a half ago!! He was just a tiny baby and now he's a little boy!! Whaaa! I want to see him and have our kids play together. That's it, I'm moving back to FL!