Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 34th Birthday Anthony!!

Yesterday Anthony turned 34, can you believe it?? We celebrated with Anthony's family on Sunday and we are going to celebrate with my family this weekend so the actual day was pretty low key..with a twist :)

To begin with, I had all these grand plans to have fun with Anthony on his birthday during the day but I ended up not feeling well. I was really tired and I had just gone to the orthodontist and gotten my invisalign so my teeth were hurting SOO much. All I wanted to do was just lay down and rest, definitely not Anthony's idea of fun :) After Anthony got home from work, we spent time together doing some gardening outside until the heat got to me and I had to go outside. We all ended up taking a nap and getting enough energy after that to go to Walmart and get a shovel for more garden work. Then we rushed home to get ready for cub scouts. I made some brownies and told Anthony they were for the cub scouts for a scavenger hunt that I planned. What Anthony didn't realize was that I planned the scavenger hunt specifically to end at a surprise birthday party for Anthony!

Tuesday morning while Anthony was at work I took James to the church to decorate for it in a room to the side of where the scouts meet, so I knew that no one would see it. Then I planned out a scavenger hunt around the church where Anthony would take them all around, passing off different requirements so that it would leave me alone to finish the preparations. On Sunday I told the cub scouts that we were doing a surprise for Brother Lagana's birthday, so they were prepared with cards and presents :)

The last part of the scavenger hunt told the scouts that they needed to prove their leadership skills by guiding their cub scout leader to the final destination, making sure he keeps his eyes closed. I thought for sure that Anthony would start to suspect something at this point, but he said he still had no idea.

Here they are reading the last clue:

It was so fun to see how shocked he was! I still can't believe he didn't think something was up, especially since I had the camera out :)

 The scouts were excited to celebrate Anthony's birthday, they all signed his big card and one scout even got him a few presents and a card. Anthony had them open it since he was holding James (that kid did not want Anthony out of his sight!) He got a box of birthday cake oreos and a big candy bar. Yum!
 Isn't this such a sweet card? He told Anthony how much he likes having him for a leader and said that he is his favorite teacher (Anthony also teaches them on Sunday) and then he drew a picture of the table we all sit at during scouts. So adorable!
Look at this good looking bunch!! The boys saw me taking pictures and insisted on a group picture with Anthony. They really love their leader!! But then again, who doesn't love Anthony :) Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy said...

Such a cute idea!! I know Anthony loves surprise parties, so what a great thing to do for him! So funny that he didn't suspect anything! And so true, who doesn't love Anthony?!