Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drawing, balloons, & a turtle!

Last week we had our very first drawing-on-the-wall incident so of course I had to grab the camera. After I took the pictures, James helped me clean it up :)
When I first saw it I told James that it was a no-no and he gave me a face like this. Of course, when I pulled out the camera he started to smile, so I reminded him that he did something bad so I could get the expression on camera. Ha!

 Today was my first lesson in balloon animals, so I brought home a few of my practice balloons. James loved them all and wanted to give them all squeezes!! He is holding two balloon dogs and a balloon sword. I also have tons of ballons waiting to be blown up and shaped for practice.

 I also came home to this little guy hanging out in an old aquarium where the fish tank used to be... The verdict is still out on if we are keeping him, but isn't he so cute??? Anthony rescued him from our dogs :)

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Happy said...

So funny about the wall drawing! Love the "bad thing" face. And good job on the balloon animals! Is it easy to do?