Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Update

Life has been going pretty well for us lately. It feels like we have been going, going, going ever since we got back from the Keys, but in a good way! We have been having lots of fun and since fall is my favorite time of year I am starting to get really excited and ready to plan some festivities :)

First thing's first. I have some shocking news. Brace yourself.... Anthony sold his aquarium!!!!!!! I know, it is kind of mind blowing. He has been obsessed with his aquariums pretty much since we have been married. He started out small, then upgraded, then added an extra tank for seahorses, then turned that tank into a freshwater tank, then upgraded again, then made us move his tank to Tampa, then made us move it again while we were in Tampa at the same time as creating another side tank. Then we moved all the tanks to Edgewater and before they could get set up, he upgraded again bringing the grand total of aquariums in our house to eleventy million. Then he made us drive to Orlando to buy another tank just for the office. Then he created a separate tank just for his anemones to go with the other ones.

So what happened? Ever since we have been in Edgewater, his tank hasn't been happy. Anthony has tried everything he could think of to fix it, but on paper it should have been doing well. So for the past year and a half he has just been doctoring it and diagnosing it and pouring money into it to no avail. As a last ditch effort he bought some sand from another aquarium guy to put into his tank, thinking that it would help. Instead, there must have been something bad in the sand because his entire tank started to crash. Huge corals were bleaching in days and fish started to die off. The frustration had been building for awhile and Anthony finally decided it was enough. He is going to keep the small tank in the office for a few coral and fish, but everything else had to go! He decided he would be much happier with a better fishing boat than a dying tank that caused him so much grief. As of today, he has sold almost everything and has made $2500 from it so far, which is less than halfway towards the type of boat that he wants but since he wont be spending all his money on the aquarium now it shouldn't take him long to save up the rest.

I have gone a little pinterest project crazy lately. I've done so many decorating/organizing projects that I am starting to look around at my house and think to myself, "yep, saw that on pinterest...saw that on pinterest....oh yeah, saw that on pinterest...." Of course, I think this makes me super cool, like I am actually kind of in style :) Plus, I recently hung a few large things on the wall all by myself and I used a piece of tape to mark where I wanted the things to go, made sure I liked the spacing and that the tape was level and then marked where to drill the holes. That way the finished product would be level! Anthony was duly impressed when I showed him my technique (I got that idea, you guessed it, from pinterest :) ) Another thing I am really excited about is that as a volunteer at the library I am going to be helping out with their fall festival, making balloon animals! They are going to teach me how to do it and hopefully by the end of the night I will be a pro. I can't wait to have an unusual talent like that!

James has been as cute as ever. He got over his sickness pretty quickly and he is talking up a storm. He has started calling his pacifier his "boppy", which baffles me because I have no idea where he got that. We are trying to limit how much he gets his pacifier because he gets so dang attached to it, but he is so calm and quiet when he has it, it is really tempting to give it to him when I am trying to get things done. Yesterday he was playing with some containers, taking them out of the bucket, throwing them, looking for them, and then putting them back. He was cracking himself up and having a great time. He looked like he was looking for something, so Anthony said to him with his hands turned up, "Where did it go?". James copied him by turning his hands up and saying, "di go?" It was so precious!! Now he does it all the time when he is looking for something. Today he couldn't find the dogs, so he was wondering around with his hands palm up saying, "di doggie? di doggie?" over and over. Man I love that kid!

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Happy said...

Yeah, these really are the best kinds of posts! Pretty shocking about Anthony selling his aquarium! But it makes more sense after your explanation. I bet he's so excited about the boat! Good job actually making the things you find on pinterest! I always hear people talking about how they wish they had time to actually make the things they find on there! And James- talking?? Really?? Where has the time gone???