Monday, July 16, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin!

Last Friday we went to our very first Cow Appreciation day at Chick-fil-a! I think I first found out about it a few years ago and thought it looked like fun, but we never put an effort into actually doing it. It is funny what having kids will do to your idea of a fun night out! There is no way we would have done this if we didn't have James, mainly because Anthony was sooooooo not into dressing up :) However, I realized that I had a cow costume for James in the closet that I bought as after-Halloween clearance last year so it felt like it was meant to be!

After getting zipped up in his costume:
 Trying to get him to stay still so we can take a picture of the cuteness!!
 I put together the adult costumes for Anthony, my brother Daniel, and me earlier in the afternoon: I got the sign, spots, and ears from the Chick-fil-a website and I got the idea for using a blown up latex glove as udders from a picture of some of the previous years' costumes. Anthony was....not looking forward to being seen in public. I told him as long as we all do it together, he shouldn't feel too embarrassed. Strength in numbers!
 Oh yeah, I am ready for some free food!!
 Here is our picture with the big cow. James loved the big cow! I was worried he would be scared of it, but he just laughed and laughed whenever he saw it. Too cute!
This was James' first trip to a fast food restaurant and it was so good and surprisingly healthy! He had grilled chicken nuggets, fruit, and milk. He ate half of the nuggets and almost all of the fruit and he loved drinking his milk through a straw (instead of a plain old sippy cup). It really was fun to go up to the register, order any meal from the menu and have the total ring up as free!! The other cool part was to see all the other costumes people came up with. We saw a grown woman in cow footie pajamas and a group of teenagers who wore all black with a white trash bag over them that had holes all over it. That way, it looked like a white cow with black spots. So simple! We saw a lot of little kids there, including a few we recognized from the library's story time but James was definitely the cutest!! (In my unbiased opinion of course) We will definitely be back next year!

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Happy said...

I really wish I had remembered to do this, how fun! That's awesome that James wasn't afraid of the cow, Dallin is still nervous around big characters like that, even though he is fascinated with them. Anyways, you guys look so cute, and I'm SURE James was the cutest little cow there, puh-leese!!