Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beans are good!

Sunday night we had black beans and pasta for dinner and James had a blast with it! He loves him some beans :) When I got to the table this is what I found:

Somehow he made it to his highchair and got his food while holding toy car and without a bib.....two guesses how that happened :)

Yesterday I went through all of James' clothes and put away his 12 month sizes and brought out his 18 month old clothes. His shorts were starting to look like short shorts and his shirts were turning into belly shirts! We are having a difficult time with hitting lately. James has started hitting when he gets angry or frustrated. He will look straight at you and hit you in the face purposefully and then when you tell him "no, we don't do that" in any variation he cries even harder. We keep going back and forth between wanting to address it every time he does it and trying not to make a big deal out of it so that he doesn't start doing it for the reactions. Fun :) He has been talking more and more, but he also seems to be crying and whining more. It seems like he wants to communicate but can't so he just whines. He never really picked up much sign language, but I've been thinking of focusing on it again. Maybe it will help with the crying and the tantrums?

I've been meaning to take more videos of James, it seems like it's been forever since we videoed him. The problem is that when he does something cute, by the time we get the camera all he is interested in is what WE are doing. This is just a few minutes of him playing this morning, nothing special. You can hear him say "car" while he pushes his favorite fire truck, he laughs at the ceiling fan, and then he gets the xbox remote, turns it on and hands it to me while babbling. I'm pretty sure he is requesting his favorite show Yo Gabba Gabba. Ummm, I am thinking we watch a little too much tv :)

Right now James says: mommy, daddy, car, ball, bubble, bye (sounds like buh, buh), uh oh, bapple (for apple), and doggie. It is funny, to him anything with wheels is a car, so he says car anytime he sees strollers, grocery carts, walkers, buses, trains, etc.. He also likes to point at his ears when you ask him where his ears are and he sticks his finger up his nose when you ask him where his nose is. Then he laughs hysterically. He is such a ham!


teachergirl said...

we have the hitting too. it's SO SUPER FRUSTRATING. maggie does it to me mainly, and you can just imagine how fun that is. i'm trying to, after reading a conference talk on helping children understand principles, not to get angry/frustrated. it worked today, but i also prayed a LOT for today. i guess that's the ticket. i think it's frustration/anger/tiredness/pain (from teeth) too. i also think it's a stage (or so i've heard), so hopefully we won't have to worry about raising big bullies soon enough.

Happy said...

Awww, what an adorable little boy!! I love videos b/c you can really see what someone looks like and their personality so much better than pictures. Thanks for posting that! And I hear ya on the hitting thing. I don't know if you remember us going through that with Dallin. I felt the same way- ignore it, or discipline him for it?? I think I did both for a while each! He finally outgrew it thankfully!
You have a cute boy there- give him a kiss for us!!