Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Visit with Family

This past weekend my mom and my brother came for a visit and we had so much fun! I hadn't talked to my mom in awhile, so I didn't realize they were coming (we had talked about it before but I misunderstood the dates) until I was feeding James a bottle in the living room and I heard my front door open!! My heart was racing, I couldn't think of who would be walking into my house! Luckily, it was a great surprise and not a robber :) I was so excited that they came, before they walked in my big plan for the day was to go to walmart so this was way better.
James loved having his Uncle and Grandma there to play with him. He insisted on being the center of attention at all times and we were happy to oblige. He kept us laughing with all of his antics, like playing chase with anyone who walks by and having to investigate EVERYTHING that is happening around him.
Here he is crawling away while I was trying to get his socks and shoes on. He loves trying to put his own socks and shoes on, but after a few tries, he will hand them to me to do. So cute!
Saturday afternoon we decided to stop by the beach since it is only a few minutes away. I have vowed that we will go to the beach more often since we live so close. I don't want to have to move away someday and think "Why didn't I go when I was so close?"
James loved the waves and the birds and towards the end really wanted to get down in the sand and investigate. After the beach, it was getting close to nap time so I took him home to rest before going out to dinner with everyone. We had a belated birthday dinner that night for me at an awesome Asian restaurant and James, of course, had to flirt with everyone in the restaurant. We had a man from the booth next to us come up after about an hour and tell us how amazing James was and how good he was being. I love it when people do that, but at the same time it really is no reflection on us as parents. Truly, it is all him and his personality! There was some kind of mixup in the kitchen with my meal, so I got it a little later than everyone else (which I didn't mind at all) and they were so apologetic about it that we got a free dessert. Isn't that great? I wish all restaurants did stuff like that!

The entire weekend, my family and I kept talking about how fun our vacation to North Carolina is going to be in May. It was like our weekend was a little taste of it. I can't wait until we can do stuff like that with all of our family. Only a few more months away!!

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Happy said...

This seriously makes me sad that we don't live close to you guys so that we could crawl around with James and be a big part of his life! So glad you had such a fun weekend though! And hearing someone walk in my front door would have freaked me out too!! That is one cute boy and sounds like such a happy one too!