Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest Projects

I love pinterest! I have gotten so many good ideas from pinterest and I love that I can collect ideas and inspiration and go back at my leisure to implement them. I love doing projects and accomplishing things, but coming up with ideas is the worst part for me. Now I can just take other people's ideas! Awesome!
Here are a few of my latest pinterest projects:

All of my adult life I have kept my jewelry in a glass bowl. Everything tangled up together in it and so if I wanted to wear something, I had to spend a lot of time and energy getting it out. So I never wore jewelry. I decided that I wanted to make an effort to accessorize more, and therefore needed a different way of storing my jewelry. I started looking through pinterest and found the idea of hanging everything up on a corkboard. So easy and simple! Not only does it look pretty on the wall, but everything stays neat and untangled. Plus, I can see what I have and be more inclined to wear something. Once James gets out of the stage of pulling on my necklaces constantly :)

My next project was a way to store electronic cables. For a long time we just threw them in a basket and then had to sort them out every time we needed a specific one. I saw the idea for storing them in empty toilet paper tubes on pinterest and I was sold! I started collecting them right away and now our electronic cables are neatly stored in tubes in the basket, labeled and everything. (Picture is from the pinterest link)
My most recent project is one I am really proud of. I'm not sure exactly how it started, but I think it was one night after I spent a good amount of time picking up James' books from off the floor. I wanted him to be able to get to them and play with them to encourage reading, instead of just having them on a bookshelf, but that usually means that all of them end up all over the floor every day. I started looking for solutions on pinterest and found the idea to put up vinyl raingutters as display bookshelves on your wall. You can make them low enough that your children can get to them and put them away by themselves and I think it looks so cute! Plus, there is a theory that when kids see all the bright covers displayed, it makes them want to read more compared to a normal bookshelf. I was sold! Now we have a reading wall in our living room (that is also James' play room) and I couldn't be happier with it :)
So you see, social networks aren't always just a time waster! They can influence you for good :)


Happy said...

Super cute ideas! Pinterest intimidates me and I haven't joined yet, I'm afraid I'll get overwhelmed with all of the things I'll find, but you inspire me! I LOVE the bookshelf idea. I've seen wooden bookshelves like that and have wanted Jared to build some smaller ones to put up by the kids' beds so they can read as they lay in bed at night, but we haven't gotten around to it. But this is something I could make myself- awesome!! Thanks for the idea!

All The Polish said...

These are SO FANTASTIC!! I just saw that rain gutter idea too, and I reeeaaallly want to do it! I can't figure out where I would put it though, maybe if I can get rid of some of the stuff in Savino's room like the two dressers he doesn't use and the crib lol. Awesome job!!!