Friday, March 30, 2012

Beach Bum!

Last Monday we took a real trip to the beach, with swimsuits, beach chairs, sunscreen and everything! We've gone lots of times just to walk around a little bit and dip our toes in but I wanted to go and let James crawl around and explore. He loved it!! He started to crawl right into the waves and was so fearless I almost didn't know what child I was looking at! He is usually so apprehensive and cautious with new things.

He loved walking in the waves holding on to our hands, and of course he had to sample the dirt. We would pick up seashells to show him and he would take ahold and carry them around everywhere after that. He even managed to get one entirely in his mouth when we weren't looking!
James is doing so much better with his walking, he still can't get from sitting to standing without holding on to something, but he has started letting go of things and just walking away towards something. It is so strange to watch!! He looks like such a big boy when he does that! I tried to get some video of it last night, but he was melting down and just crying the entire time :(  He is also getting his one year molars so it has been a little crazy in our house with the crying, clingyness, tantrums, endless snot, and waking up at night :( Hopefully those little suckers finish coming through soon because I miss my laid back baby!

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