Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fun and Baby Legs

We've been having a good November! Here is a picture of James when I took him to a horse rescue a few weeks ago. He had so much fun, petting a kitten and looking at the horses, goats, and chickens. James really loves animals, which of course we are excited about!

Last night James started giving us kisses, which is so cute!! He doesn't pucker his lips at all, but he gets this serious look on his face and then he comes at you with his mouth open and his tongue right by his lips. It is hilarious!

I love this time of year, especially all of the family gatherings, activities, and parties to go to! This year our ward christmas party's theme is "whoville" (from The Grinch who Stole Christmas) and I have had so much fun getting things together for it! I found the perfect dress for me and pants for Ant at goodwill and I found this tutorial online for turning socks into baby legs for James. It is really fun to go to thrift stores, looking for crazy, wacky additions to our costumes!

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