Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last month we decided to go to the beach for family home evening and take a walk by the water. We had never been to this beach before, but it was so easy to park and so close to our house, and literally minutes from Anthony's work! He even thought it would be nice to eat his lunch her some time, but I predict that will never happen :) There was also an easy geocache here that we had to grab. You have to stand next to this surfing monument and get your picture taken. Then you have to post that day's surf report when you log that you visited.

The beach sand was perfect for walking on and Anthony collected some mangroves for his tank. You can also drive on the beach if you want to and James thought it was so funny to see the cars go by! He just kept laughing and laughing when one car drove by us. Too cute! We also saw some kite surfers while we were out and it was the coolest thing! It looked like so much fun, I will definitely have to try that someday :)

Last month we also took James to the park for his first time on the swings by himself! I imagined that he would love it and go crazy, but he seemed unimpressed :) He still had fun though, especially with us making silly faces at him.
Now that the weather has cooled down, we've been trying to take more walks in the afternoon as a family. We had to get a picture of the little guy in his stroller:

Ha! He looks surprised to see us!!

Last night we made a trip to the grocery store and tried out having James sit directly in the cart instead of in his car seat on top of the cart (which he has almost completely grown out of. New car seat has already been ordered for free courtesy of swagbucks!!) He kept hanging on the sides of the cart and it made him look like he was bracing himself for a wild ride :)
We've just been having fun and adventures here in babyland!

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Happy said...

How fun! And I cannot believe that I completely forgot about geocaching!! I think we tried looking one up when we were hiking once when we first moved here, but I totally forgot about doing it ever since! Dang, it is getting pretty cold here now, but maybe we can just dress warm and still get out and do it.
P.S. That baby is so dang cute.