Monday, August 22, 2011

Key West Vacation

Saturday we got back from our very first vacation since James was born! We went to Key West for a week for a vacation with some friends from Tampa and we had lots of fun. We stayed on the navy base there since my friend is retired navy and we got a great deal on a two bedroom trailer. It was a little loud because of all the military helicopters coming in at all hours, but once we got some ear plugs we were set!

Tuesday afternoon we left James with my mom and went on an afternoon snorkel/sunset trip. It was so strange to be going somewhere with Anthony and not have James around!
 Wednesday morning we walked around Key West and visited the Butterfly Conservatory. It was so neat to see all of the butterflies!

 Wednesday night we all went on a Sunset Sailing trip with James. That was....a little difficult. He was pretty cranky and I felt sooooo bad for everyone else on the boat that they had to listen to my screaming child. We brought a bottle for him, so that bought us some time, but eventually we just had to wrap him up and jiggle him to sleep. Once he fell asleep I finally was able to relax and enjoy the sunset. Until then, I was having serious regrets about keeping him up past his bedtime.

 Once we got off the boat, we met up with our friends to watch the street performers and get dinner. The seafood was so good!

Thursday morning Anthony went lobstering and caught 6 lobsters for us and in the afternoon we all visited the Shipwreck Historeum and the aquarium. Thursday night we went on a late night ghost tour that was really creepy. When we were on our way there, James exploded out of his diaper and got poo everywhere! It was all in his car seat, the car seat straps, his onesie, everywhere!! So I had to wipe him down, change his diaper, and change his clothes all on the side of the road while we were supposed to be checking in at the ghost tour. Oh, life with a baby!

Friday Anthony and I snorkeled just off the base where we were staying and Anthony speared a fish. We saw all sorts of cool things, including a 6 foot green moray eel. I screamed! Those things are pretty scary looking when they are right next to your face. Friday night we went back to downtown Key West to visit Ripley's Believe it or Not.

It was a fun vacation, but it was nice to get home on Saturday and sleep in our own beds. James definitely had some sleep he needed to catch up on and I have never been more excited to see my washer and dryer :)

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