Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventures in Baby Food

I am having so much fun making baby food now that James is eating solids! He is quite an adventurous eater and so far will eat anything I give him, although he definitely eats some foods with more gusto than others. He absolutely loves squash and carrots, and generally likes green beans, peas, rice cereal, bananas, and applesauce (which I made myself!). I thought for sure that once I gave him fruit, he would be all about it and would turn down the veggies, but he hasn't been that fond of the fruit. Weird!

I usually give him solids 2 to 3 times a day depending on how hungry he is acting and he has gotten the hang of it quickly. We went from really liquidy rice cereal falling out of his mouth, to full on baby-bird style "give me more" actions in just a few days. This guy was ready for food! He loves to get his hands on the food that makes its way out of his mouth and then smear it over everything he can touch. Part of me hates this because it makes things so messy, but I also try to remind myself that getting messy is supposed to be part of the experience at this point. I have started feeding him with no clothes on though!
PS, doesn't he look like a completely different baby?? Every morning when I get him out of bed, I think, "Not only is he bigger, but he looks different than yesterday!"


T. Driaza said...

What a doll! I'm right there with you on the messiness, but no clothes surely does work! I can't believe I'll be doing that again here soon. Make sure you take more dates w/ the hubs just the two of you...it's so worth it!

Happy said...

Oh man, he is SO dang cute!! Glad he's not being picky for you!! Oh, last night we were doing Jesus stories and Dallin pulled out a nativity picture and when I asked who the baby was he said, "Baby James!" So cute!