Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pregnancy Journal: Week 23

I am growing like a weed! Or, more accurately, a pumpkin :) There are times when I wake up and I am certain that my belly has grown overnight! My friends at work have even started commenting that they feel like I didn't really look pregnant one day, and then all of the sudden I had a belly.

I really feel pretty good, all things considering. I'm having a hard time with eating, I feel full all of the time and I get heartburn like nobody's business. I've started carrying around tums because I can never predict when it is going to hit. It doesn't even matter if I have eaten recently, sometimes it just comes! I'm trying to change my eating habits and eat smaller amounts more frequently and make sure to sit up as much as I can, but it isn't helping too much. Hopefully we can figure out a solution soon.

We haven't gotten very far in the name department. We just can't seem to find anything that feels right or that we agree on. The names that I like the most, Anthony doesn't like and vice versa. I also have this feeling that somehow I need to find his name, that there is a name that is perfect for who he will be and his personality and that maybe we just haven't found it yet. Or, I could be worrying way too much about it :) Either way, we are definitely open to any and all suggestions. I've even told some of my friends to not tell me any names they plan on using for their future children, because if we find the perfect name we agree on, at this point we will use it regardless of where it came from :)


Happy said...

You really do look so great!

I thought you guys had decided on a name, but I guess you're having second thoughts? I completely understand though! It was so hard for us to come up with a name for Teya! There were a ton of names I loved, and even a few names that Jared and I both liked a lot, but nothing felt like "THE NAME." I think we found 'Teya' when I was 8 months pregnant. Until then, I couldn't understand how some people had such an easy time finding and deciding on a name! We decided on Dallin's name when I was pregnant with Teya, so that was actually a very easy decision when it came to naming him. (Was this blog post about you or me)?
One tip someone gave me about choosing names, especially for boys, is to think about what it will look like on a resume. That name will represent him before someone ever meets him. That helped me decide not to give my son a weird name. Come to find out, Dallin is a totally strange, unheard of name outside of the church! Ahh! I had no idea! Oh! And one more tip! My sister Beth once said something about kids with long names having a hard time learning to spell their name when they are little. I have been SO glad so many times that Teya's name is so short, especially as she learns to write it! It was a lot of work with just 4 letters!
Okay, one name suggestion: I know you like traditional names, and my favorite traditional boy name is Jacob. LOVE it!!
Okay, I'll stop now! Wow, I should have just emailed you!

Lindsey and Bryan said...

I seriously feel your pain on the name thing. I felt exactly the same way about it, like there was a perfect name that was already hers and we just needed to find it. I totally stressed over it practically from the point I saw two pink lines! I don't know if this helps at all, but we didn't find Ada's name until a few weeks before she was born and when I went into labor...we were talking about names lol! But what I wanted to happen, happened. When she was born and I looked at her, a name on our list just fit so perfectly. Ada was her name already, and we had found it. So, my advice is to not stress. You'll find the perfect name eventually:)

Lindsey and Bryan said...

Oh ya and the heart burn! I didn't have too much trouble with it, but my mom gave me trick that really worked like magic. Mix a little bit of honey with a little bit of cider vinegar and take a few sips. I hope that will help!