Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a......

BOY! We are so excited and super thrilled to be having a boy. I truly didn't have a preference, but Anthony was really wanting a little fishing buddy and he got his wish! We had an awesome time at the doctor's office today (how often do you get to say that??). Our sonographer was really great and really patient. It felt like we got so much time to just look (or in my case stare in amazement) at our little guy and watch her measure and point out all of his organs, bones, and general features that they check to make sure everything looks healthy. Once she did all of her measurements, she flipped the ultrasound machine to 3D so that we could get some good pictures. I was so excited that she did this, we didn't even have to ask and we didn't pay anything for it!

At first the little guy had his hands in front of his face so we couldn't get a good shot of him, then he started moving his feet around too. The sonographer good naturedly kept commenting about how wiggly he was and about how he seemed to have arms and legs everywhere! She patiently kept trying until she could get some good face pictures for us. In the beginning of the appointment, Anthony told her that he wanted to try to see if he could tell from the ultrasound if it was a boy or a girl so she waited until the end to tell us. She repositioned the wand so that it was right over his bum, he spread his legs and BAM. Even I was pretty sure it looked like a boy :) She said, "What do you think Dad?" Anthony's classmate told him to look for a turtle (boy) or a hamburger (girl) so he told her, "It looks like a turtle". She said, "Yep, its a boy alright and he is not shy at all!!" I guess he had been flashing her throughout the sonogram, but she wanted to wait until the end to see if we could guess it :) Here are some of the pictures that we got: I think this front shot looks just like Anthony:

I also got a chance to take some belly pictures last night, so here is my 20 1/2 weeks photo:

Yay for babies and yay for little boys!!!


Happy said...

Oh my word, I am SO excited for you guys!!!!! I never wanted boys until I had one, and now I think they are the most amazing little people ever!! I seriously love having a boy so much that if I was going to have another kid and could pick the gender, I would totally pick boy.
That is SO awesome that the sonographer did the 3D for you!!! SO COOL!!!

Lucky Me said...

Congratulations! Little boys are so sweet and love their mommies....and their daddies too:0)
I'm so excited for you guys. It's funny how easy you fall in love with your baby before he is in your arms.