Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who wants an honest husband anyway?

To all the friends and strangers who have made me feel good by telling me that I don't look pregnant at all and that I'm lucky to be so tiny at this stage in the game: don't worry. My husband told me today that he can definitely tell that I have a belly and that he doesn't really get why people say that. Ummm, maybe they are trying to be nice to a new mom? Thanks for saying it like it is, Anthony :/

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Lynsey A Cox said...

Hey Joe did the exact same thing to me! It's because they see it as a good thing ; ) He is now no longer allowed to make such comments as I have become uber sensitive when it's coming from him. Just wait until you're at the stage that I'm at where everyone says "You're about to POP!!" even though you're still 2 months away from "popping"