Saturday, September 18, 2010


Dang I love my dog! I was thinking about our dog, Brownie today and how cute she is. Really, she is my dog since Anthony doesn't really like her and she is connected to me at the hip. We've been focusing so much on the baby, that I really don't stop and think about the good parts of having animals. It is so much fun to see their little personalities and it has given me a little glimpse into what parenthood is going to be like :)

So, some fun facts about Brownie:
  • She is attached to me. Obsessively. No matter what is going on, she is always right at my heels or sleeping next to me. She will wake up out of a deep sleep, jump up from a comfy spot and follow me whenever I get up to go anywhere! She even follows me to the bathroom. Sometimes Anthony tries to hold her down to keep her from following me, but she freaks out and starts squirming and whining until he lets her go. Sometimes she crawls up my stomach and trys to lay down near my neck and I find myself jokingly reminding her that she can't crawl into my skin. Which of course, would be ideal for her :)
  • She LOVES food. She always has, ever since she was a puppy, but now she has learned how to be more sneaky about it. We feed Bitsy and Brownie at the same time each day and sometimes we watch them eat. We've seen Brownie look at when Bitsy isn't paying attention, and try to eat as much of her food as she can even though her own bowl is still full! She has learned that if she can steal as much food as possible when she can, she can always come back to her own food at her leisure.
  • She has the worst time with leashes. She always gets tangled up! Anthony and I have watched her literally hog tie herself before. Twice.

Even though they can be a pain, I love our pets!

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Mom and Dad Lagana said...

That's such a cute story about Brownie, our little Granddog! And
a Beautiful picture of You!