Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yea for getting things done!

Today I was bitten by the productivity bug! I got so much done and it felt sooooo good :) The weather was gorgeous this morning so I decided to go for a run before meeting up with my neighbor to go to the gym. I usually take a 2 mile route near my house that goes by the hillsborough river and this morning the sun was shining and reflecting off of the river and the wind was nice and cool. I'm trying to work on my speed, so unfortunately for the first mile I didn't notice any of this. Instead, I was thinking about how tired I was, how stupid running is, trying to convince myself to not wuss out and regretting having cookies for breakfast (what? vanilla wafers aren't the breakfast of champions?) In the end it was worth it because I did the first mile in 8:47. Woohoo!! Of course after that I had to choose between continuing to run and probably throwing up my very healthy breakfast or walking home. I walked home.

After going to the gym with my next door neighbor, I came home, took a shower, and planned out the rest of my day. I decided to go to a nearby town about 15 minutes away in an attempt to find a Joann's so that I could get some yarn for an afghan I want to make. I got a little lost, but I stumbled onto a Michael's in a shopping center with a Beall's Outlet AND a TJmaxx. I had so much fun looking through clearance racks and thinking of decorating ideas for our apartment. After at least an hour I made my way to Michael's only to spend at least 30 minutes in their yarn aisle trying to decide what color, type, and texture of yarn that I wanted. Decisions!!

Now, in order to make this trip I had to laugh at how much courage I had to muster to drive by myself. The roads here terrify me! To get anywhere you have to get on at least some sort of highway that has all sorts of different types of merging lanes and exit lanes and crosslanes with other highways. I see and hear about crashes all of the time, and my car is not known for being reliable under pressure (i.e. going more than 50 miles an hour, maneuvering in high winds, or basically anything out of the ordinary). On the way home, I had to exit off of one road onto a very curvy off ramp which then turned into an exit only lane so I had to switch lanes AND accelerate immediately. The entire time, without even realizing I was doing it, I was doing breathing exercises like I was in labor, "in through the nose, out through the mouth, in through the nose, out through the mouth". My entire body was clenched and I had broken into cold sweats! Did I mention that relatively, this wasn't that big of a road and the average speed was about 55 miles an hour? Yeah. Ummm, I hate to say this but I really need to force myself to get more comfortable driving around here. (Don't tell Anthony I said that!!!!)

As for the rest of the days accomplishments:
-I did three full loads of laundry all by myself, quite a feat when you have to use a laundromat (boo!).
-Did a weeks worth of dirty dishes. Yep, let the dirty dishes pile up all week and then tackle them on the weekend, that's how I role.
-Put up the rest of the pictures and decorations that have been leaning against walls waiting to be put up since we moved. Eight months ago.
-Did the grocery shopping
-Tried out a homemade concoction on a few white shirts to try to get those annoying yellow sweat stains out. And yes, they were my shirts because I sweat like a man :)
-Worked on my YW's lesson for tomorrow and made little trees out of tootsie roll pops and green tissue paper because it wouldn't be a young women's lesson without crafty treats!

Now at the end of a very fruitful day I am going to set my clocks forward, get ready for bed, and thank Heavenly Father for days like today :)

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