Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break Belongs to Fishermen

Anthony FINALLY got to go fishing yesterday since it is spring break and boy did he do it up! He caught some people-sized fish:
He was so excited when he got home he didn't even take a shower, he went straight to the computer to upload the photos and start brag posting. And who could blame him? Did you see the size of those fish???


Happy said...

Holy Crap!!! (Sorry, I tried to think of something more appropriate to say first thing, but that's all that kept coming out)! Those fish are freaking HUGE!!! Oh my gosh, I can just imagine how dang excited he was!!! I'm going to email Jared the link to your blog so he can look at that from work.

Jared said...

Dude!!! Anthony is so freaking cool when it comes to fishing. Anything else is questionable. :) I wonder what the lentgh and weight was?

Virginia & Anthony said...

-This is Anthony, it was just one fish, but it was 47 INCHES!!!!! 1 inch from 4 feet long!!!