Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garden Week 1 Update

Today is exactly one week from when we planted our garden and here is our progress: I think that the leaves of the plants already look leafier (that's a word, right?)
Look at the green!!! (You can see it really well if you click on the picture) I was so excited once I noticed the green shoots coming up through the soil. I only wish I could remember what exactly I planted there... I think carrots? Definitely either carrots or green onions. I do remember that the seeds were so small that I just planted a bunch of them, thinking that maybe 1 in 5 would start to grow. I may have been mistaken...but I am pretty sure that I can just go through and prune them out. Once I figure out what they are. (I really should have written that down!) This is in my bush bean section. I planted four beans in this square and this guy is already coming up! There is another one coming through in a square next to it, but the picture didn't really turn out so you will have to take my word for it.


Lindsey and Bryan said...

I am so impressed! We tried to do a fall garden last year...it didn't turn out so well. Though in our defense, it was in a park a few miles from our apartment... I guess we were too lazy/busy to tend to it enough. When we get a house, or a balcony with sun, I'm going to try again:) I can't wait to see how yours turns out! Good luck:)

Happy said...

Looks great, way to go! I think often, "I should start a garden!" and then reality hits me and I say to myself, "Yeah right, I can't even keep up with my house, like I'd ever be able to take care of a garden." So I still have no garden. Someday though, when we are empty nesters...
And I totally understand where you're coming from with the scary roads with lots of exit ramps and lanes- that's how Jax was and I was terrified of going out of my little comfort zone area! I told someone that one time and she told me I was acting like a little old lady! ha!