Friday, February 13, 2009

Evil Sickness

So, we've been cursed by the plague at our house. I was in-bed-want-to-die sick for about two weeks and am going on my third week of lingering cough/stuffiness. Ant just started to get sick at the beginning of this week and I feel so guilty!!! I've been trying to be very accomodating and I even cooked dinner twice this week :)

Life update
I've been suffering through school and practicum with my sickness, and I haven't been seeing too many clients since I don't want to spread my germs. It is nice to feel like I am moving towards being done with classes, but I have started to get overwhelmed with insecurity. After getting some critque from one of my professors, I just started to wish I had chosen a profession that wasn't so personal. I bet insurance agents don't have to spend large amounts of time trying to be self aware and improve interpersonal skills. It's exhausting. Anthony assures me that I'll feel much better when I don't have someone offering me critque on everything I do, telling me what I should have said and making me feel stupid (not in a mean way, but still).

I don't know if I blogged about this before, but a few months ago I got called as a Relief Society teacher. I was genuinely excited about the calling, but I still find myself nervous the day of. I'm working on it, and I don't feel like I'm bad or anything. I just have issues being center of attention of a large group. In addition, I just got set apart with a Stake calling!! I sort of thought only older, more experienced people got stake callings but I was sorely mistaken. I am the new Stake assistant music specialist. Cool, huh?

Ant is studying REALLY hard for one of his classes. Seriously, it takes up quite a bit of his time and I am proud of him but also worried with him. His teacher has never taught this class before and doesn't really know what he is doing. He started out being too lenient and now has swung to the other end of the spectrum and has ridiculous expectations. All prayers for him to pass would be appreciated :)

So that's us. We're still working on selling our house and crossing our fingers to move to Tampa in the beginning of May. If not, we will stick around in Gainesville at least until August until Ant starts clinicals. Know anyone who needs a condo? :)


Happy said...

Dang, sorry about all of the sickness! I think everyone I know has caught it. We had it here too. Hope you feel better soon!

Nurse Sourcer said...

Hope You'll feel better & also get a chance to sell the house in today's market.. If Anthony's interested in exploring RNs oppts within our network of hospitals & outpatient centers, please ask him to contact me or to visit my blog & our Recruitment Team on Facebook. Below are links FYI. All the best!

Julie Davis, Nurse Sourcer