Saturday, May 20, 2017

Phone Pictures

To say that Rett is obsessed with the Cars movies is kind of an understatement. He loves them sooooooo much! For birthdays and holidays you can't go wrong to get him a car truck or plane from the movie so he has amassed quite a collection from us and family. Some of them we found at garage sales or thrift stores. It makes him so happy and excited we just can't say no! One morning we were cleaning up his room and wanted to see just how many we had. It is quite the collection!

One day after school James wanted to go check on the toy motorcycle outside of the bike shop around the corner. They both wanted to pretend to ride it.

Rett making faces through the window:

This is Rett right after I gave him a haircut. Look at that face!! He looks so different without his curls.

I had to take a picture of James asleep with this blanket. It is a special blanket that used to belong to Anthony's dad, then Anthony and now James.

This is the James' class picture, he is the one on the front row with a light blue shirt. One of his best friends that he loves to play with is the little girl next to him, Harmony. James tells me stories of all the different games they play during recess. Sometimes they run around looking for "squirrel eggs" (seed pods from the trees) and other times they play police officer and run around giving pretend "tickets" to any kids or teachers that are walking or running fast. James said he even had to give himself a ticket for running!

His school had an art night fundraiser where each student had a piece of artwork framed and displayed for purchase. All the kids made invitations to take home to their family and I was so impressed with James' invitation. You could actually read what it said!

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