Saturday, May 13, 2017

House Projects

We have been having a lot of fun working on projects for the house! We finally got our rain gutter bookshelves back up that we had at the old house. As I was putting the books back in them, I was complaining to Anthony that there were too many...I just can't resist buying more children's books!

I finished our gallery wall in our living room. A lot of the pictures I already had, but I asked my favorite vintage furniture store to make us the Lagana sign. It turned out exactly how I wanted it! (When I first went to pick up the sign, I noticed they accidentally put est. 2015 instead of 2005. We all had a chuckle about how it didn't seem correct that we had only been married 2 years :)

The shoe situation by the front door was driving me crazy! There were always shoes everywhere with dirt all around them. I got these shoe cabinets from Ikea and they are the best thing ever! They keep the shoes off the ground and the dirt off the floor.

I found an old wooden piece of furniture under a pile of leaves in our yard and decided to salvage parts from it. There were two cabinet doors and a few big pieces of wood that I was able to save. I repainted the doors and turned one of them in a picture holder with some chicken wire we had left over from building the chicken coop:

The other one I hung over the snake/tortoise cage and made a magnolia leaf wreath to hang on it.

I took one of the large pieces of wood that I saved, lightly painted it gray and put a quote on it to hang over our TV. It is so nice to not see bare walls everywhere now!

I finally framed a cross-stitch that I did while I was pregnant with Rett and now it is hanging over his bed. It only took me 3 1/2 years!

I want to replace all the ceiling fans in our house with something more my style. The ones in the bedrooms are $25 builder fans that are way too small for the space, but since there are four bedrooms that is a lot of them to buy at once! I decided to start with the living room and kitchen ceiling fans. They are actually pretty nice, but still not my style. I was looking at them one day and starting thinking, "Hey, I bet those blades are reversible..." Anthony helped me turn them around and I actually really preferred the darker wood color that was on the other side. The globes were a very cloudy yellow which I hated, so I took them off and replaced them with wire cages from home depot. I couldn't get over the difference! I love my $20 fan makeover, so much cheaper than replacing the entire thing!

James' school had a recycled art fair and every student had to turn in an art project made from recycled materials. I decided to try making a pallet sign from some wood from our wood pile. Anthony helped me cut the wood and put them together. James' sign he painted with a bunch of different paint colors in an abstract pattern. I made two others to donate to the fair (they sell the art pieces as a fundraiser) and I was really happy with how they turned out. I lightly painted the wood and when it tried I used mod podge and a design printed from the computer to transfer the image to the wood. Both of these sold for $15 each at the art fair, so I was excited that I could help with the fundraiser without actually having to pay for stuff :)

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Happy said...

I love all of the decorating and everything you've made!! I'm super impressed with the things you made out of old wood and furniture! SO cool! I would LOVE to do projects like this!! I am SO excited about the fans, I'm going to do that with mine! I HATE the ugly glass light covers on mine, I think about how ugly they are often, so now I can't wait to go buy some cage ones like yours from Home Depot and remedy that! Thanks for the inspiration!!