Saturday, January 14, 2017

Waiting for Christmas

After James' break from school started, it was so hard to wait for Christmas to come! I had to relearn what to do all day with both boys :)

Rett has been such a sweet snuggler lately! Sometimes he will cry in his room at night and when we check on him, he says, "I snuggle you?" How can you resist this face?

We stopped at our local ice cream place for slushies (for the boys since they don't like ice cream. crazy!) and ice cream for me. When Rett saw what I had he sounded confused and was trying to figure it out. He said, "mommy, you got nogurt, with black beans and....poo poo?". It was so funny!

James' last day of school was polar express day where everyone wore pajamas, watched the movie and had fun all day. The principal of James school wore Elf pajamas and went around the entire school ALL DAY being an elf on the shelf, watching the kids and complimenting their good behavior. Isn't she amazing?

Waving to everyone from the sign outside of parent pick up:

Watching over everyone in the cafeteria at lunchtime:

Checking out recess from a tree:

Taking a peek from the roof while they switched classes:

James brought home another gift he bought for me from the school Christmas store: a diamond ring! I was so surprised he kept it a secret for so long and I told him that. He said, "Oh, that's because I forgot". For the next few days, he was so happy with himself. He kept asking me at random times, "Don't you love your ring? Aren't you so glad I got it for you?"

Giving turtle the tortoise a strawberry:

Christmas eve we went to the park to play with James' bubble gun. He got to the top of the slide and started blowing bubbles, yelling, "It's snowing!"

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