Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Activities

James' class had a Thanksgiving lunch at school and families were invited to eat with everyone. I stayed and helped out in the morning and then Anthony brought Rett to join us at lunch time. After everyone ate, the kids just ran around on the field playing games with each other and having a blast. It was so fun to see them have such a good time.

For the first time in I don't know how many years, I didn't host Thanksgiving and we decided to go to my brother's in Gainesville instead. It was amazing!!! So relaxing to not be in charge. We got to walk Daniel's dog Henry (always a highlight!) and while everything was cooking we took the boys down the road to the park. There was a fun trail that went through the woods and over a creek, so we took a walk through it. All the boys picked up walking sticks and used them to check under every rock and bush for creatures.

After the walk, the boys wanted to play on the baseball field in the red dirt and James made his new Styrofoam airplane do loops and dives. Someone had a drone flying around the park with a camera and James made sure his plane did tricks when it was near us :)

On the way home that night, we stopped at the new Bass Pro Shop in Gainesville and played with the toys. Rett reluctantly agreed to sit on Santa's lap. He said he wants "red presents" and a "race car". I tried to convince James to sit on Santa's lap so that I could get a picture of him too, but he couldn't be pulled away from the toys.

After he talked to Santa, they gave me the picture and this cool frame for it for free. Isn't that awesome! We love Bass Pro, I am so glad they are opening one in Daytona soon.

On one of Anthony's days off over the Thanksgiving weekend, he got to take the boat out and go fishing. In the afternoon, we met him at the park and got on the boat to join him. The boys were so excited!!
We didn't catch anything, but we had  a good time going fast around the channels and practicing casting. James accidentally cast his fishing line the wrong direction and it went onto land into a bunch of trees. We all had a good laugh and he said, "I guess I know not to do that anymore!"

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Happy said...

Ha, that's exactly I felt about not having to host Thanksgiving, or every holiday, for a change!!! So relaxing to go somewhere else and to share in the cooking!! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!