Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December Fun

We decided to check out a Christmas event in Port Orange that promised free stockings for kids, a visit from Santa, and snow! When we got in line to see Santa we were surprised to see a familiar face. We have a man in our ward that makes money playing Santa at this time of the year and he always comes to our ward Christmas party dressed up as Santa. I guess this was one of his paid events for the year. We have never seen him dressed up as Santa outside of church, so we felt like we knew a celebrity :) 

James is scared again of talking to Santa, so he wouldn't let go of me and was whispering in my ear what to tell Santa that he wants. He asked for a Hot Wheels bicycle. Rett asked for a race car.

All the kids were excited and waiting for the snow machine to get turned on. 

Especially this one.

James trying to catch the snow in his stocking:

Rett loved it and kept saying "Christmas dirt!!!"

Our ward has a hard time keeping consistent nursery leaders, so Anthony and I are almost always helping out in nursery on Sundays. On the first Sunday in December it was just me in there with a couple of substitutes so I asked if I could take all the new Sunbeams into sharing time and singing time for the 3rd hour. They haven't had any kind of transition preparation for primary so I really wanted to do something. Surprise, surprise, all the other kids did great and Rett was the crazy one :) Since they left nursery right before snack time Rett spent a lot of sharing time and singing time asking when it was time for snack. That boy needs his food! 

After church James helped Anthony try to assemble the old crib to see if it would work as a new quail cage. Anthony decided it would be easier to build something, but James loved figuring it out with him.

James really wanted to go to the beach after school and ride his scooter, and since we haven't been in a while, I said ok. He also brought his soccer chair and set it up on a pile of sand as a throne. There weren't very many people around, so I didn't mind leaving them while we took a walk down the beach. After about 30 minutes I glanced back and saw two people pick up James chair and scooter and start carrying them away!! I have heard of other people getting their things stolen at the beach so I thought that was what they were doing. James and I started running towards them waving our hands and yelling at them. By the time we got to them they were at the stairs to walk towards the parking lot. They said that they were just moving them away from the water because they thought it was abandoned and they didn't want it to go into the ocean (even though it was waaaaay far away from the water and the tide wasn't even coming in). I was huffing and puffing from running so hard so I didn't really say anything to them, but it was weird. She kept talking to me and telling me personal stuff, like she came to the beach because her friend died, etc... After that we just packed up our stuff and went back to the car. Strange! In the car on the way home James declared it the worst visit to the beach because he got a little burn on his hand playing in a pile of dirt he didn't realize was the leftovers of someone's fire pit and we almost got our things stolen. At least we had a good story to tell!

James had a Christmas concert at school that the entire Kindergarten had been practicing for. Once they started practicing he started getting in more trouble at school and when I talked to him about it, I finally got him to admit that he didn't like the practices and that he was nervous about performing. I told him that he didn't have to be in the performance, that we could come and support everyone and watch his friends. Then, the day before the concert he told me that he changed his mind and that he wanted to be in the concert with his class! He even agreed to wear a Christmas colored shirt (we got special permission for him to wear shorts since he won't wear long pants right now).

Rett waiting for the concert to start:

The Kindergarten kids sang three songs right at the beginning of the concert, then they went back into their classroom to watch a movie while the 1st and 2nd graders did their songs. Then they came back in to do one song with everyone. The room was very crowded and we couldn't see James very well from our seats. I had to sneak up to the front to take pictures. I was so glad I got him a light up Christmas light necklace to wear because it made it much easier to find him!

They had the lights off for some reason, so it made it much harder to see the kids. At least I can pick out James with his necklace!

James didn't really sing, just looked around and made some noises. But he didn't mess with the kids around him and run round around the stage like last year's Christmas concert, so progress!

After the concert, they took all the kids back to a classroom and parents had to come pick them up individually. James looks like he is waving at me, but he actually was trying to hit the camera so that I didn't get a picture of him. Stinker!

James and one of his friends from school came up with a game of pretending to be a train and holding hands in a line. Rett loved the idea and always joins in as the caboose. Every day when we are walking to our car, all three of them are in a line as a train. After we drop of his friend at her car, Rett and James hook back up to go to our car. I love these kids and their imaginations!

The library had a Christmas lunch for the volunteers, so Rett and I went. Rett was so excited to bring his own little backpack full of quiet toys. Now when we go somewhere, he asks, "I bring my backpack?"

For the first time ever, Anthony was home with us on the Saturday of the town's Christmas parade! We were excited to show him the fun.

Rett doesn't like the loud sirens and horns of the fire trucks, so he has us put our hands over his ears. He still tries to smile and wave, but it comes out kind of funky.

Like this:

About halfway through the parade, James was bent over on the ground picking up candy and a man dressed up like the Joker, was walking backwards, not looking ahead of him and he tripped over James! The man fell on the ground and it pushed James' head into the asphalt. We knew he was hurt when he started crying and wouldn't get up. Usually if he falls down or trips, he barely acknowledges it. Sure enough, he ended up with a big scrape and bruise on the corner of his forehead. For the rest of the parade he sat in my lap and let everyone bring candy to him. Poor guy!

Once it started purpling up and really looking bad, everyone we met would ask him what happened. We decided that James was a superhero because he tripped the villain, The Joker! James got really good at telling the story and even started acting it out whenever someone would ask. Now it is almost sad that his scrape is almost healed and gone :)


Happy said...

Oh my word, that is seriously crazy about the people trying to steal your stuff at the beach! And crazy about that man tripping over James'!! That's so cool that your kids got to experience snow, how fun!! And hard to imagine that y'all have to sub in nursery all the time since we have like a million people who can sub here. I did sub a couple of week ago and actually really enjoyed it, I loved getting to talk to the lady in there the whole time and the kids were incredibly good.

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