Saturday, November 12, 2016

Halloween Activities

Rett wanted to be Batman for Halloween, but I didn't have any in his size in our dress up clothes, so I bought him a muscle one from Walmart. At first he really didn't want to put it on until I told him he could trick or treat in the pantry and get a candy. Then he was all for it!

James' school had a storybook parade for Halloween, each kid had to choose a book and write a proposal on what character they were going to be from the book and why. James wanted to be a police officer so we found a book that has a police officer in it for him to bring. His favorite part of the costume was the emergency whistle!

All the parents lined up in the parent pick up line while the different classes walked by in their costumes, holding their books. They were all so adorable! Some of the costumes were pretty creative too.

This is the principal at James' school. She was a convincing Alice from Alice in Wonderland and she was taking pictures and oohing and ahhing over everyone's costume.

Rett liked the costumes, but wasn't a fan of waiting for it all to start.

Three of the teachers had such a creative idea to be the fairies from Sleeping Beauty and they used pastel colored plastic tablecloths as their dresses. So cool!

We discovered a new corn maze this year. They had a hay fort, a tiny corn box, a hay ride, and duck races to play with once you were done with the maze. James and Rett loved the duck races so much they played with it before and after the maze.

Heading into the maze. James was the leader and would tell us what direction to go into. He started looking at the ground at the shoe prints for clues on which way to go. Then he would check the "spy drone" on his wrist (imaginary) and see if we were going in the right direction.

I told Rett to smile and he just opened his mouth wide. That works.

When it was time for the ward trunk and treat I asked Rett if he wanted to be Batman or a race car since I found a race car costume in the back of a closet. Rett yelled, "Batman racecar!!" So he went as both.

The hayride was full of kids so James and Rett went on it without us. I walked along for a little while because I wasn't sure if Rett would get too scared, but he was loving it!

After all the Halloween activities it was finally time for actual trick or treating. They both ended up with a lot of candy this year, it seemed like everyone would see them and say how cute they were and then put huge handfuls of candy into their buckets. James had to dump his out into a bag in the stroller several times throughout the night!

Once it got dark, we made our way back to our house and dropped off Rett and my mom. Then James, Anthony, and I got into the truck and drove to the spooky haunted house area of our neighborhood. It was awesome! At this house, once you made it past the decorations and the guy with a chainsaw to ring the doorbell this is who you got candy from:

There were a few houses that had haunted walkways through their front yard and we walked through a couple times. James was nervous, but said he liked it after we got through. Once we finally made it home it was hard to peel the kids away from their candy to get them ready for bed. Having Halloween on a school night is really hard! The next day Rett kept asking about going trick or treating, and he keeps asking every few days. Even now when we go to someone's house and ring the doorbell, Rett says "Candy?". I think he is going to have a hard time waiting until next year :)

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Happy said...

Oh man, Halloween is so much fun!!! A haunted house area?? What?? So cool! Rett in the Batman costume is seriously too cute. And the 3 fairies costumes were so cool! Makes me want to find some people to do that with me sometime!