Saturday, November 12, 2016

End of October

My mom has taken up the hobby of riding motorcycles with a friend of hers from church. They rode into Daytona for Biktoberfest and stopped by the house so the boys could check out the bike. They loved it! James especially loved the helmet, he said it made him look like someone from Star Wars.

We took a trip to the bouncy house place and Rett actually loved it! Last time he was too scared to do much but this time he was all for it. He still wanted one of us to go with him everywhere, but it was progress!

Now that Rett is out of his crib, he has discovered that he can come out of his room when he is supposed to be sleeping. The first few times, he would come out slowly with his hands over his eyes, thinking that meant we couldn't see him. So cute!! This time he came out and sat down to see what we were doing and when we said, "Rett! You are supposed to be in your room!" He would immediately cover his eyes like this.

The library had a firefighter storytime so I went with Rett and a friend of ours from church. We don't usually do storytime because Rett isn't a fan of the songs or sitting still, but I figured he would like this. He didn't like waiting for his turn to check out the fire engine, he was picking up sticks and acorns and throwing them around, but other than that he liked it.

Sitting inside the fire truck. He has a bandaid on his his knee that you can see and a couple of others on the other leg. He is so clumsy!! He runs around everywhere now and will just trip and fall all the time, like he ran too fast for his coordination.

Taking a picture with the firefighter all suited up. They put on all their gear to show the kids they don't have to be scared if they see someone like this in their house. Good luck! It is a kind of scary outfit. Rett refused to go up to him.

Rett and Jade. They are 4 months apart, but Rett still calls her "Baby Jade".

Checking out the fire hydrant.

Anthony had a one day conference in Jacksonville so I went with him while my mom watched the boys. We stayed in the hotel the night before and since they had a late checkout, I had the entire room to myself while Anthony went to the conference. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted! It was heaven!! The hotel was right on the river, this was the view. 

After staying in bed as long as I possibly could (when you get used to getting up so early it is hard to sleep in), I started looking on my phone for things nearby I could walk to. I found a website for this popular used bookstore so I decided to walk there. It was so cool! Rows and rows of books.

This entire row was children's books. I had so much fun looking through everything and finding some from our favorite authors.

My cute kid.

Trying to make a sad face at me.

Rett fell asleep on the couch, so James insisted on getting a picture of him. So cute!

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