Saturday, January 2, 2016

More December Activities

James filled up his reward chart for good behavior at school, so he chose to go to the movie theater as his reward. We saw the Peanuts movie and the only reason we made through the entire thing was that we were the only ones in the theater so the boys could get up and walk around and climb on the other chairs whenever they wanted to.

A week after the New Smyrna Christmas parade, it was time for the Edgewater Christmas parade! This one goes by right at the end of our street, so it only takes us a few minutes to drive there. The weather was hot!! I was wishing for just a little bit of a chill so that I wouldn't be sweating. Is that too much to ask? Also, James only made this face after I told him he better not smile and be in my photo or I would be mad :)

We love looking all the different instruments in the marching band. The flutes were at the end and James was really excited to point them out to me.

The tow trucks towing tow trucks is always a favorite.

Look at this sweet face!!! He loved everything but the loud sirens. Everything else was "whoa!" and "cool!"

Visiting with Santa at the ward Christmas party. James was scared and wanted me to hold him and Rett wasn't feeling it either.

Pizza day at school. Santa also came to visit, but James was very wary of him and only sat in his lap for a quick second to tell him he wanted a rocket.

Anthony's friend with an aquarium business just moved into our neighborhood. He is in the middle of renovating his home and he is a single guy, so he didn't have any Christmas decorations. We decided to surprise him with a small tree and some homemade cookies (Anthony has the code to his house since he checks on the tanks when he is out of town).

I had a lot of opportunities to play my flute this Christmas. Our ward had a musical fireside one Sunday evening, where I played a solo, a duet, and as an extra instrument with two choir songs. The week after that we had a special sacrament meeting with scriptures and musical numbers and I played the duet again as well as playing along with three other choir songs. I haven't played or practiced my flute that much in a long time! It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed being able to play.

We decided to try out a new trail that was completed near us a few months ago. It is all paved and goes on a bridge over a large street, so the boys were excited to watch all the cars. We had a great time! James liked having so much room to do "tricks" on his bike and not having to worry about cars.

At one point Rett kept asking to get out, so I let him get down and he refused to get back in the stroller for the rest of the time! He just wanted to walk around and explore. He probably ended up walking over a mile.

He wanted a turn pushing the stroller.

They found a walkway full of rocks and had to inspect them and take turns throwing them. Boys and rocks!

While we are driving, Anthony sometimes asks Rett if he wants to hold hands. Rett loves it! After Anthony took his hand back, James reached over and asked Rett if he wanted to hold hands. It was so cute! (And yes, James is wearing toe socks as elbow length gloves)

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Happy said...

The trail looks fun! So nice to find a place that you and the kids can enjoy. The hand holding in the car is soooo cute! Love the mini Christmas tree, so fun to do stuff like that! Nolan would have freaked over the tow trucks! Love those cute kids of yours!