Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve we decided to take a trip to the beach because we can! We love that we live where the beach is always an option :)

Anthony made a little sandman.

Burying James in the sand:

Rett saw us burying James in sand, so he wanted to be buried too.

James making a sandangel:

Rett got upset when he saw me walking towards the water with James, so he threw himself face down in the dirt and starting having a fit. I looooooove this stage.

A lot of our trucks got buried in the dirt and needed to be towed out by James' tow truck. Rett also liked it when I would use one of our sand molds to make small turtles so he could smash them immediately.

Christmas morning James was the first up and he came into our room to say good morning and get the ipad. After he asked for some breakfast, I asked him if Santa had come. He got this big grin on his face and said, "Oh! I forgot to check!!". He checked the Christmas tree and then came to get everyone to open presents. He and Rett checked out their new easels first.

Then it was time for stockings!

James showed Rett how to use his new ferry boat toy for the bathtub.

We had our annual Christmas T-shirt contest. I think my grumpy cat shirt won by a small margin :)

After the rest of the family arrived, we opened more presents! Rett loved his new lift the flap book from Mimi and Papa about zoo animals. He brings it in the car all the time now and we will hear him growling when he gets to the page with a lion. He thinks growling is what it is called!

James was so excited to get his remote control submarine. He was sad that Santa didn't bring him one (since that was one of the things he asked for) but his  response while opening it was perfect! He was so happy!

After presents we ate a ridiculous amount of food for dinner and then everyone started on their way home while we worked on getting the kids to bed. It was a full and exciting day!

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Happy said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas! And I agree, I think I would have voted for your shirt too. Cute kiddos you've got there!