Friday, November 7, 2014

Rett's first steps!

Last night Rett took his first steps!! He has been standing up on his own for a long time now, but when he wants to get somewhere he always drops down and starts to crawl. Yesterday we were playing with puzzles on the floor and I decided to try to get him to walk. I helped him get his balance and held my hands out for him and he just started to walk forward like it was no big deal! I couldn't believe it! James was right next to me on the floor and was just as excited as I was. I got Rett to do it one more time and we were all clapping and cheering for him. The third time, he immediately sat right back down on his bottom and James laughed and laughed. Of course, that got Rett laughing, so now he thinks that is what he is supposed to do :) Every time I try to get him to balance and walk toward me, he immediately drops down on his bottom, smiles, and waits for you to laugh. Little stinker!
 He is still working on his 4th tooth, one of the top front ones. He only has one on the top that is fully in and it makes his smile so funny :)
 He also really likes the swings.

Yesterday he also waved for the first time (or least the first time we noticed). Compared to James he seems like such a baby to me, that I never expect him to do things like waving. Then Anthony tells me all the stuff that he should be doing and I don't believe him. He will be a little baby for forever!!

People tell me all the time what a calm and happy baby he is, and that is still true. He is really happy and easy going, except when it comes to denying him food. This boy enjoys his meals! He has also started to get a little more vocal when James is around, and will cry more often and louder when James messes with him. I think he is building up his defense mechanisms! He has also started to be a really social laugher and will copy anybody laughing at any time. Sometimes if you just start laughing for no reason, he will laugh and laugh until he gets the hiccups.

He is still attached to me, but not as much as he used to be. He doesn't cry when I leave him at home or at the daycare at the gym, but if someone is holding him and he sees me, he will reach and lean over towards me until I take him. He has gotten so wiggly that he doesn't cuddle nearly as much, but when he is tired he will melt into you. When strangers come up to him, he will smile, but he puts his face in my shoulder at the same time. 

He is such an easy going, sweet, funny, goofy, squishy little boy and we love him to pieces!


Happy said...

Oh he is so dang cute!!! The one tooth on top is hilarious and adorable!! I was just feeling sad again today about missing out on your boys' growing up. :( Like I said earlier though, thank goodness you blog!!

Happy said...

And that's SO exciting about Rett's first steps!!! I can remember that day clearly with Dallin (but not my other kids I just realized- oops, I'll need to go look back at my blog). Such an exciting milestone!!