Thursday, August 21, 2014

Everett is 11 Months!

Another month has flown by with our little munchkin. More hair, more chunk, more to love!

 He pulls up on any and everything: walls, legs, bookshelves, chairs, you name it. He will cruise a little bit along the couch, but mostly he just drops to the floor and crawls when he decides he wants to go somewhere.

His appetite just keeps growing and growing. He loooooves food. If you are eating something and he doesn't have any, he will cry and whine and protest until you give him some. It is hard to keep up with the demand at meal times, it is a delicate balance between not putting too much food on his tray (he tries to stuff it all in his mouth at once and gags) and not putting enough and he demands more before you've even taken a bite of your own food.
 He eats any and everything.
 James wanted to take a turn at taking pictures of Rett. (James has started calling him Retty)
 Blowing bubbles at us:
He is crawling around and getting into everything. He loves to pull ziplock bags out of the box and leave them all over the kitchen floor, investigate Anthony's aquariums, pull all the books off of James' bookshelf, and open the kitchen cabinets and pull everything out of them. He also has become our little vacuum cleaner and he loves to find little crumbs and crackers left on the floor.

Now that he loves to crawl around and explore, he has become much more wiggly and hard to contain. Church has become somewhat of a challenge! James is still really hard to handle during sacrament and if I have to take out Rett, James wants to crawl around on the floor with him. We went to a ward pot luck last night and it was somewhat disastrous. Trying to manage feeding both boys and ourselves at the same time, while making sure James doesn't run off and play all around the church (in the water fountains, in the toilets, etc..) was not fun to say the least. We need to come up with a better battle plan when it comes to outings with these boys!

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Happy said...

Ha, sounds like fun over at your house!! That baby is seriously too cute for words! It still kills me that I don't get to hold and snuggle him on a regular basis!