Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pregnancy Journal: 27 Weeks

27 Weeks
My belly has exploded!! Seriously, if you look back at my 25 week picture, to me, there is a huge difference!
25 Weeks
I'm trying to not get worked up by how fast I am growing and just repeat to myself that the baby is probably just going through a growth spurt...but it is hard not to imagine to yourself, "Well, if I have 13 weeks left, at this rate I will be a house by the end!"

I had my 26 week appointment with the midwife last week and she gave me my prescription for the lovely glucose tolerance blood work :) I am so not looking forward to it!! I am planning on eating basically a diabetic diet for a full week before the test because I am determined not to fail this one this time! I am pretty sure I will be fine since last time they didn't tell me to fast before the test (which apparently you are supposed to do) and even then I only barely failed the screening. So this time, with me fasting and having a low-sugar diet before hand I should be good. Fingers crossed!

At our appointment last week, I felt kind of guilty because the midwife kept asking me over and over, "Are you sure you don't have any questions or concerns for me?" and I just couldn't think of anything to say to her! If I ever have any questions or concerns, I usually find the answer right away from friends or the internet :) and if I have a question about over the counter medication I can take I always just ask Anthony. On top of that, I just don't have any questions! At least, not anything she can answer. The only concerns I have right now are what labor and delivery is going to be like this time and no one can really answer that for me. 

Speaking of labor and delivery, Anthony had a crazy dream the other night that he delivered the baby at home!! First of all, Anthony never dreams. Never! He always teases me because I have crazy dreams all the time (lately they have been about taking tests I haven't studied for in classes I've been skipping all semester. fun.), but he never dreams. Then a few days ago he described this really detailed dream where I was laboring in the bathtub (which I did with James for awhile before we went to the hospital) and the baby started coming. He said we debated about calling 911, but then decided that they wouldn't get there in time anyways so he went ahead and delivered him in the bathtub. What does that mean??? I hope it isn't a premonition! Maybe we should research what to do in that scenario just in case...

My nesting urges are going crazy! I have this uncomfortable compulsion to clean and organize everything around me, and not just my house, everything! I've been going crazy trying to organize all of our finances and plan out what exactly we are going to buy for the new baby. I even took a night and went to the church to organize the primary closet :) You would think it would be fun getting things together, but it really just is a lot of anxiety. I keep thinking that I can't focus or concentrate until xyz is done and then once it is done, there is always something else bothering me. I am really trying to relax and find ways to let things go, but it is a constant battle. Anyone else have this problem? Any tips for conquering the hormones or do I just go along for the ride? :)

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Happy said...

Ooh, how fascinating about Anthony's dream! Funny that he doesn't dream, I never knew that. Good luck with the glucose test! I must say, I didn't mind taking the 3 hour test b/c it meant a 3 hour break from my kids! It was like a mini-vacation that Jared couldn't call me home from- ahhh, peace! haha!
Don't worry about getting big, you still look tiny and coming from a girl who had one of the biggest bellies on the planet for a single birth, it wasn't too bad, (except that when I laid down at night, I felt like my ribs were literally breaking, but since Dallin turned out to be 10 and a half pounds and I had a ton of extra fluid, they probably were breaking). When I was about 6 months along, a friend at church was like, "How could you have that much longer to go?!" It was so true, that belly was huge!
Funny about the nesting, I think I get too tired when I'm pregnant to manage any nesting, I'm jealous of all that you are getting done!!