Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yay for Spaghetti!

Monday night we had spaghetti for dinner and we've started giving James more food from our plates now that he is better at chewing and not spitting out new things. He had so much fun playing with his spaghetti! I was proud of myself for letting him get so messy. It was a struggle for sure, I just wanted to wipe him down and give him something less messy, like some peas, but he ended up having so much fun that it was worth it :)


Happy said...

Haha, so cute!!! I used to have to feed our babies the really messy foods when Jared wasn't home b/c he literally couldn't handle it and would try and wipe them down after each bite. So does James eat pretty much whatever you give him?

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

That's how babies absorb nutrition everybody knows that. On their face and head!