Thursday, January 5, 2012

11 Months Old

Earlier this week, James turned 11 months old! Can you believe it? How did I get to be the parent of an almost 1 year old? Crazy! He is getting so big and becoming such a little boy, definitely not a baby anymore :) He is constantly on the move, always wanting to explore things, touch things, see how things work and rip things apart just to see what will happen. He LOVES remotes and controllers. I've seen him giggle out loud with excitement when he sees one on the couch, cruise over to it, and then pull the couch blanket closer to him so he can reach the controller. Then he presses the buttons and keeps looking towards the speakers to see if he turned it on (you can hear the xbox turn on when he does that, but the tv is off so he can only hear the sounds). Changing his diaper has become such a difficult process because he doesn't want to stay still! The light switches are close to the changing table and he is constantly trying to get to them so he can turn the fan on and off. He will push at the switch and then look behind him to see if the fan turned on. He really likes to see how things work. Maybe he will be an engineer! He is such a happy boy, we are always telling each other every day how happy we are to have him in our family.

He has started to really love music and his favorite toys are the ones that play songs. He will sit there and press the buttons over and over again and then "sing" along with the music and wave his hands like a conductor. I think it is his version of dancing along :) He just started clapping his hands a few days ago, and he is pretty good about waving hello and goodbye (he gets a little overwhelmed when we try to get him to do it for new people and he usually just stares at them).

Here are some pictures of our cutie:

 I don't know what made him upset in this picture, but Anthony kept taking pictures anyway :)
 Now that he sees his bottle, everything is better!
 Of course, he had to push it off the table and now he is going for the clock.
 Now he is pointing the clock, letting us know that it is now on the floor. Thanks son!
Look at that mischievous face! Don't you want to squish it!!!

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Happy said...

So cute and funny about him pushing the buttons on the remotes and light switches and then turning to see if things were turned on! I don't remember my babies ever doing that! And also funny about him pushing things off tables. He is so dang cute! Wish we were still close to you guys!