Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mini Vacay

Today was an unexpected vacation! Yesterday a pipe burst at Anthony's work and they told everyone that the office was unusable until that means that Anthony would get to stay home with us!!! We stayed up late last night watching tv and slept in together this morning. It was so nice! James must have gotten the memo because he slept in too, until almost 9am!!

Since Anthony was home, I got the chance to mow the lawn in the morning while James and Anthony played with the aquarium together. When I got back inside after I finished it was so cute to see Anthony working away at the tank and James in his exersaucer playing happily next to him. Later in the afternoon Anthony got to hang out with an aquarium buddy and then tonight we got chinese food and visited a pet store that had large birds, iguanas, gerbils, hamsters, and puppies! James wasn't too impressed, but Anthony and I loved looking at the animals :)

I was getting so excited because tomorrow Anthony was going to go with us to our baby class at the library and then to the trunk and treat in the evening...then his work called to tell him that they are borrowing office space from another doctor so it is back to work tomorrow. Bummer! Hopefully he won't have to work as late as usual and can still go to the trunk and treat with us. Still, today was fun and was better than nothing. I guess it is back to our regularly scheduled programming for James and me :)

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