Saturday, October 1, 2011

8 Months Old

My little buddy is 8 months old today! Isn't that amazing? This month literally flew by! Here are some pictures:
 What a cutie! I can't believe how long his limbs look in this picture. He has gotten really good at sitting up and will spend long periods of time just sitting and playing with his toys that are in reach.
 He loves chewing on the clip to this toy. I've even seen him flip it over, looking for the clip before he grabs it. Funny!
 Here he is grabbing another toy that was nearby. He instantly reaches for anything and everything that is near him where ever we go. We went to an aquarium store the other day and he kept reaching for the anemones in the tank. He just wants to touch everything!
 I tried to get him smiling, but the picture always ends up like this :)
The dogs made a noise and he turned to check it out. He is so curious all the time!! He can't hear a noise or sound without trying to investigate what is making it.

New things this month:
  • He has started eating cheerios and puffed rice and he LOVES to feed himself. He still lets me feed him purees, but I think he would be happy eating cheerios all the time if I let him. We all get a kick out of watching him feed himself since when he started he was so bad at it and now he shovels it in like a pro!
  • He had his first episode of stranger anxiety with my brother when he came to visit and it was adorable and sad at the same time :) He would look at his face with this confusion and then slowly the cry would come over his face and he would stick his bottom lip out. Then he would cry and look around for someone to save him. He has also decided that he is NOT okay with me leaving his side and will cry the second I leave his line of sight. Sometimes I just ignore it, but mostly I just take him with me all around the house and everywhere I go. Anthony said he feels snubbed that he doesn't act the same way towards him. Anthony left the house the other day and told James, "Okay, I'm leaving, you can cry now". Of course, I decided that would be a good time to tickle James so he would laugh. I know. I'm mean :)
  • You know how we taught him to make noise when we pat his mouth? He has learned to do it to himself! It is hilarious!! He will just be sitting there and decide to bring his fingers to his mouth and make a wavy noise with it. He was a hit when he did it at the baby class this week. He doesn't say mama or dada, but he learned how to be a ham fast enough!

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