Sunday, February 13, 2011

A visit from Grandma Lynn & Mimi and Grandpa

This weekend we got a visit from both grandparents: my mom and Anthony's parents. There were a lot of arms waiting to take turns holding James! This the first time Anthony's parents got to see James in person and they are in love :)

Anthony's dad took some pictures of me holding James. He looks so much different to me than he did when he was born. Can you believe he is almost 2 weeks old now?

He gives us little smiles every once in awhile that are probably just gas, but they make us laugh every time!

He often falls asleep like this after I feed him, with his mouth hanging open. It is seriously like the cutest thing ever, especially since Anthony sleeps with his mouth open too!
Mimi holding her new grandson:
Then it was Grandpa's turn:
My mom was working on finishing his quilt that she made for him and finished it just in time for a picture:
Now that everyone is gone, Anthony and I are going to be home alone with James for an entire week! Send us lots of prayers, we are going to need it! :)

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