Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our new wheels

My new car (an example picture of it anyways). It is a 2003 Honda Civic with 89,000 miles on it. I have been loving driving it around! It rides so smoothly, I even didn't mind driving on the interstate, which I have always hated!! I am thinking that I always hated driving on the interstate so much largely because my old car would shake and shudder when you push it past 60 miles an hour.
Anthony's new truck, a 2002 Ford Ranger with 70,000 miles on it. (This is the actual truck). He is so excited to finally have a truck!! His boat fits perfectly on the hitch that was already on it and he has all of next week to get some serious fishing done before school starts up again. Finally he won't feel out of place hauling his boat around (since now his vehicle is actually taller than the boat).

It is so nice to have things settled down. Finals week is over, thank goodness! I was getting really tired of going in to work two hours early every day. I underestimated how many things I actually get done before work so to miss out on that on top of everything else was a bummer. This semester there wasn't too much drama. Only a few temper tantrums from students and professors and most of the snafus weren't our fault. In fact, I've been getting a lot of good feedback from some of the more notorious departments on campus about how things have been running. When ever I get things like that, I stash it away in a file so that I can put it all together when it comes time to interview for the job that I have been appointed to twice now. This time next year if I still want to stay in the position I have to go through a formal interview process with other candidates. Like they would have a chance :)

It is so nice to feel like I know what I am doing in most aspects of the office. Case in point: our assistive technology guy was out of the office on Friday, so I was able to help a student out and finished up converting her textbooks to digital files, gave them to her, and then was able to intelligently answer her questions about how she is going to view her online tests for next semester (she has some limited sight). I also like getting to know the students and some of their personality traits and quirks. The students who work for me are wonderful too, and they even surprised me with a cake and a card a few weeks ago just to thank me for being a good boss. Can you believe that? I almost cried, it was so thoughtful!!!

Not to be too one sided, I should update you on what is going on in Anthony's life too. He finished his spring semester at the end of April and without a car he hasn't been able to relax nearly as much as he wanted to. He basically has been playing video games and searching for cars until last Tuesday. He's got one more week left before school starts and now that he has a way to get his boat to the water, you can bet he is going to be fishing all day every day :) He is going to be starting clinicals at the health department in a few weeks and I am really curious to see how he handles lady exams...I think the plan is that he is going to do what is minimally required of him and then try to block out the experience and pretend that it never happened. But, I am looking forward to him learning more about women specific ailments because then I can ask him questions and he won't look at me and say, "Umm, that's not my area. I haven't learned that stuff".

Well, since we don't really have a life outside of school or work, that is about it for us. TTFN.

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Happy said...

I love the new cars! When I got home from my mission I wanted the same car you got but didn't end up getting it and got the cheaper Echo instead- a decision I have always regretted. That's awesome that work is going so well. And I love the paragraph about Anthony's clinicals and hoping to forget them like they never happened- so funny!