Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas friends and family!!! I almost didn't put up Christmas decorations this year since we are spending the actual holiday out of town with family, but as soon as Thanksgiving was over I was craving some more holiday cheer :) So, last Monday for Family Home Evening Ant and I put up our tree.

I tried to get a good picture of us but I haven't really mastered being both photo-taker and photo-subject yet. Sitting here putting up the photos I realized that I am wearing almost the exact same thing as last Monday night. I guess that is my Monday work-out outfit. (And if Ant and I do anything together at night you can pretty much bet it will be right before or after a workout. Hence, the sweaty, make-up free photo :)
I am so excited that it is December already! Not only is it the best time of year, but this year it is full of celebrations. Next week is Ant and my 4 year wedding anniversary and my graduation from graduate school. The week after that is Christmas, and the week after that I am spending in Ohio at my sister's house with the rest of my family.

Work has been pretty stressful for me lately. Since I hold all of my stress in my stomach I've had a perpetual stomachache throughout the workday that takes away my appetite which then resolves after I get home and talk it out with Anthony. (As a side note, I seriously couldn't have picked a man more laid back and stress-free to help me through my "crazy" times). Then I proceed to catch up on my eating for the day. Eating an entire box of cheez-its isn't bad if they are whole grain right? :) On the bright side, most of the stress and hassle will resolve after this week when finals are over. Since our office is administering about 60 exams a day during finals week, I don't think I have ever been this stressed about finals, even my own.

Anthony is bravely pushing through his finals. One of his classes is going really well and the other not so much. There is all of this departmental controversy and drama over this particular professor for his problem class. She basically tries her best to fail her students by creating seriously unreasonable tests and "tricking" the students by telling them things will not be on the test and then turning around and putting several questions about it on the test. Her defense is that they should know everything about everything and photographically memorize the textbook, so if they don't know a random fact that is mentioned once in the textbook then that is the student's fault. Other professors in his program have actually come out and told students that they have a problem with this professor and one even said that she would compare her teaching style to "terrorism" and "domestic violence abuse". Next semester there will be a new Dean for the college of nursing, so the good professors are hoping that the Dean will either force this professor to start trying to actually teach her students or replace her with someone who will. Drama, drama, drama. On the bright side again, Ant's last test is Wednesday and after that he can breathe for a few weeks before it starts all over again. For all of you who are already done with school, don't you miss all of this ;)


Devin & Amanda said...

Beautiful tree! Congrats on your upcoming graduation! That is so exciting... And good luck to Anthony! It sounds like he needs it with that professor. Ugh...

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

You are one tree ahead of me. It sure looks pretty! We are really excited about coming for your BIG
GRADUATION!!! As we have said before you are surely up grading the Lagana gene pool!!!
Love, Sharon

Phambabe said...

I am SO EXCITED!!! I finally got around to putting our tree up and Tim talked me into getting a real Christmas tree for you guys lol. I am literally counting down the days!