Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who steals crabs, honestly?

For the past few months, Ant and I have been putting out his crab trap near a local bridge and catching some blue crabs. We were able to have at least two dinners of all crab that we "caught" ourselves. There is something about eating food that you have foraged or grown yourself that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything :) Here's a picture of one of our catches: I know what you are thinking. Yes, They were delicious.

So imagine our disappointment when the last time we put the crab trap out, we went to retrieve it a day or so later and it was gone!!! Some joker stole our crab trap!!! Ant was definitely upset over it, but I couldn't really think of anything we could have done to prevent it. I mean, can you deadbolt your trap to the bottom of the ocean? It kind of ruined our crab-catching fun. It was also pretty economical too because we would pay a couple of dollars for bait and end up with a crab dinner for two.

We're becoming quite the experts on living on no money now that Anthony isn't working and I'm only making lowly-intern money. Anthony especially has been making great strides on that front. I used to have to show him over and over again how much money he was spending on his aquarium and his fishing because he just wouldn't believe me that he spent that much. Now, he comes up with creative ways to sell things so that he can buy a $10 coral from some guy down the street! As for me, I'm still a crazy coupon lady and proud of it. Today I did our weekly shopping at publix and spent $32 and saved $87! After more than a year I still get a little jolt of adrenaline everytime I see the cashier start scanning my coupons and my total starts to drop :) I keep thinking how wonderful it is that I got into doing this before we moved to Tampa because if not, life would be so much harder now with us trying to figure out how to make everything work.

Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful. Work has been heating up as finals week approaches. The testing gets crazy busy and since after next week I will be running the testing center, I'm hoping that everything goes relatively smoothly. I've been looking around at the different jobs available but I think I have decided to wait to actually apply to any of them until after I graduate. Maybe by then something at USF will have opened up....


Phambabe said...

Hey, I wanted to tell you about a mortgage thing we did that lowered our mortgage rate to 2%. Yes, that is not a typo, TWO PERCENT. I'll send you a mail on Facebook. I was telling Mom about it the other day and she was like, "Heeeyyy, you should tell Virginia!".

I fell off the couponing bandwagon back in January when Tim had all those hospitalizations and I am finding it so hard to get back into it. I need to just start buying Sunday papers again and build up my stockpile. I actually went through my file cart that I had all of my inserts and coupons and my coupon binder and had to throw everything out, it was all like a year out of date. :( But with Tim being out of work, I really really have to get back into it. I miss getting stuff for FREE!

I know I've said it like fifteen times, but I am SO EXCITED that you guys are coming for Christmas! I wish Ant could come too!! I'm so stoked that you guys will be here an extra day too! I am planning for us to have a family photo shoot while everyone is here. I'm like a little kid, counting the days down to Christmas! (or at least the 29th for you and Alex lol)

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Those crabs bring back some of my happiest memories. They are "Butes". BUT, what a shame to loose the trap! Well, may be some starving homeless person got it and now can be saved from starvation :).

Hey, tell Phambabe she doesn't have to BUY news papers but go to condo or apt recyceling bins on Sun night or Mon morning and you can get all you want.

Happy said...

I can't believe someone stole the crab trap! But people are crazy out there. When we went to that Plimoth Plantation in Mass, one of the Indian women told me that every year people end up stealing all of the Indian dolls and toys that she makes and has sitting out in the tee-pees (is that how you spell that?!) and she has to re-make them again every year. Crazy people.
Good job on the couponing. Re-inspires me every time I read about your success. It is just SOOOO much work that I have a hard time doing it. But thanks again for the inspiration.