Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

This year for halloween we were pretty low key. Since Ant worked Friday night, we didn't go to our new ward's trunk and treat :( But, on Halloween night we went to a game night at our new friends Lindsay and Scott's house and we had a blast!!! We decided to go as gator fans, since in Tampa it really is a costume to be a gator! It is so weird compared to Gainesville where everyone wears gator attire as a matter of course (remember my counting-the-gator-clothes game that I used to play at the gym?), here I feel like I am in a secret gators club and I recognize other members because they half whisper "go gators" when I walk by in a gator shirt :) Here is a picture of everyone who came to the party: Our hosts were the Chiquita lady and a Chiquita banana, a reaper and a queen bee, another couple was a coon hound and a racoon, an 80's workout girl and Jim from the office, and a hillbilly :) Next year I vow to really go all out on the costumes!!!

So now we have a SERIOUS amount of candy that I am dying to give away, but Ant insists that we not only need to keep it, we need to get even more clearance candy from the store! A girl can't stay on a clean food diet with a husband who eats like a growing teenager!

We are still loving our jobs and school. We have definitely settled into our schedules. I get up and go to work and Anthony gets up to study all day or go to class. After work I usually go the gym while Anthony cooks dinner (!). When I get home we eat dinner and catch up for a few hours and then we go to bed. Repeat x7 weeks and you will have a pretty good picture of what we have been doing :) I've decided to run in another 5K to see if I can improve my time, so I need to get back into training. I keep waiting around for the weather to change so I don't have to run in 90 degree weather in November!


Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Love those GATOR clothes and especially "The Gator CHOMP"!
Your friends look like great fun and "verrry creative"!
Another 5K! Run Virginia Run!

Mom and Dad Lagana said...