Monday, October 12, 2009

Killer rats!!!

We have rats in our new apartment!!!! Are you as freaked out as I am and that idea? For the past few weeks Bitsy has been going crazy digging at our kitchen floorboards and Ant said that he saw ONE tiny little mouse looking thing the other day. I wasn't too worried because it seemed like the dogs or the cat were going to take care of it.

However, yesterday we found a dead little rat in the kitchen. We thought that it was THE one and that the dogs finally got it. Apparently not. Apparently, it was one of a litter of baby rats that spread throughout the entire apartment! Last night after my mom and my brother left our apartment, Ant decided to go get a fish tank from a friend. I walked into our closet in our bedroom while I was changing into my pajamas, looked down, and there was a small rat on the floor right in front of me!!! I screamed and ran out of there mid-change. I didn't know what to do! I didn't want it to crawl away somewhere where we couldn't get to it but I didn't want to go near it. Eventually I decided to get a cup and trap it underneath the cup until reinforcements came home. After I trapped it (and heard some disturbing squeaking sounds!) I was walking out of the bedroom and saw another one crawling towards our office!!!! Now, my dogs can't get to our bedroom so they were off the hook for that one, but they sure should have been all over this one. I took my dog and pointed her towards the new rat so she could get it and my dog RAN INTO HER KENNEL!!! After all this time of acting like she was dying to get at this thing, she ended up being scared of it! I noticed that the cat was suspiciously absent, so I looked around for her and she had run under our bed!! Traitors!! So all by myself, I trapped this one under another cup, turned on all the lights, curled up on the couch and waited for Ant to come home. Here is a picture Ant took of them after he got home:

Terrifying right? :) I felt so conflicted. On the one hand these are vermin and are in my house, so ewwwwww, but on the other hand I don't want to kill them because they are so little and helpless (and kind of cute in the way that all small things are cute even if they are hideous at the same time). The exterminators are coming on Wednesday, but until then I will not walk into a room without first turning on the light and checking the floors!

Aside from all of that excitement, I took my certification exam last Thursday. I'm pretty sure I passed it, but I won't get the official results until January AND I found out today that I passed my comprehensive exams!!! Now the only thing left to do is show up for graduation! I can't believe I am done with tests, essays, all of it. Now I am free Huh. Wait a minute...

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