Friday, October 16, 2009

Disability Humor

You would think that working in an office full of disability advocates that we would be the last people to tell disability jokes. And you would be wrong! Of course, we all have the utmost respect for our students (most of the time) but some of the best jokes come directly from the students themselves! So, it was a little strange to get used to the atmosphere of the office at first, but it was nice to relax and not worry so much about being politically correct all the time as long as it wasn't in a derogatory way.

So, sharing some humor from yesterday at work. First, a picture my supervisor posted on his facebook page from

This is definitely funny because of the irony, but I seriously see ridiculousness like this all the time!!! It's like people think that they if they throw up some accessible parking signs and paint some parking spaces that all of a sudden their building is accessible. Never mind the fact that there are stairs everywhere with extremely narrow doorways!

Second, we had a meeting about a big event we are having at the university for disability awareness month. We are having a Deaf performer coming and while discussing the schedule for the day, one of our coordinators who is also an ASL interpreter mentioned that on the same day an ASL comedian, Keith Wann is coming to USF. After watching some of his videos on youtube, I can't wait to see him! He is so funny!!!! Here's one of my favorite ones. It kind of reminds me of that youtube video "Evolution of Dance". In this, Keith is acting like a newbie interpreter that is signing a Rap song...

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Mom and Dad Lagana said...

The funniest part about the video is I kept turning up the volume on my speaker.