Friday, May 1, 2009

A Well Earned Break

This semester is finally and officially Over!!!! I can't stress enough how difficult it has been. I am still a little shell-shocked and I can't believe it has only been four months. It felt like MUCH longer.

Anthony passed his crazy difficult class!!!! It was a little close, but he made it. Now he only has one more semester of academic classes before he has a year of clinicals. He absorbs practical learning like a sponge, so it will be a big relief for both of us once he actually gets in there and starts doing things. We just found out that his classes over the summer are going to be online so he won't have to drive down to Tampa every week. Yea!!!! His semester ends in the middle of July, so between then and the beginning of fall semester in August we'll be apartment hunting and he will be job hunting.

As for me, I am done with classes! I won't have to set foot in another classroom or listen to another lecture for the rest of my life (unless I decide to go back to school much, much, much later from now). All I have left are two internships. My first one I am doing over the summer at Children's Home Society in Gainesville. I will be a case worker for their in-home program so I will make home visits and do parent coaching, counseling, and case managment for families that have been referred from the abuse hotline. The neat thing about it is that it is a voluntary program, so the majority of the clients I will have will actually want help. If they didn't, they would quit! (It's not court mandated or anything). My supervisor also runs the adoptions program and since she knows that's what I am really interested in, she said she would throw me some of their cases too. I am excited, but since I will still be working part-time in addition to this I will basically be working 46 hours a week. After this semester though, I know I can get through anything :)

So, in 2 days we will be on our way to the Bahamas in our first real vacation since our honeymoon! Ironically, right as we are getting ready for working all weekend and packing our realtor called us to say someone wants to look at the house. This is the FIRST person ever and it had to be this weekend. So, not only did I spend all day cleaning, tomorrow when we are trying to sleep so we can stay up 36 hours to work and then drive to Cape Canaveral to get on the cruise ship we will have to get up and sleep in our car for a few hours while someone looks at our house. I just keep telling myself it is all going to be worth it. Maybe they will want to make an offer? Maybe? :)


CJB said...

Congratulations! You are almost to the finish line. You live such a busy, full life and you look like you are enjoying it. I LOVED Anthony's talk that he gave at church. You two are the sweetest couple I know. I look forward to seeing lots of pictures of you and Ant at the Bahama's!

Happy said...

Congrats you guys!!! What a relief to have so much behind you! And for you to be completely done with classes- I don't think there is anything like it!! Congrats!
Oh, and I think I did my internship at the same place, doing the same thing! It was called Family Builders back then, which is the same place Robin worked in Cocoa. I know they changed the name, so let me know if that is the same place. Also, one of my old co-workers from Big Brothers Big Sisters got a job as the adoption person (not sure of the job title) at Childrens Home Society, her name is Debra (not sure of her new married name), tell her hi for me if she's still there!
(Wow, I'm a little long-winded today)!

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Hay Ant where is the trip pictures??