Friday, January 23, 2009

Weird Wildlife

Anthony came and got me today while I was working out so I could see this strange animal off our back porch: An albino squirrel!!! In the wild!! Here it is trying to "hide" from Anthony in a tree. Doesn't work so well when you are pure white with red eyes.

So here is a tally of all of the animals that have lived in or visited the Lagana Zoo: a ball python, a cat, three mother stray cats with their five kittens, a crazed opossum, a ferret, two stubbornly cute miniature dachshunds, a maltese-spitz mix, a 60 pound basset hound, and now an albino squirrel.


Happy said...

That's crazy! Ant is just an animal magnet!

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Amazing!!! Virginia, you should notify the UF Wild Life Dept ASAP so they can observe this rare animal!!
They might want to study it or put it in a more protected area.
And that's quite a manangury for your